♥ My Bridal Shower ♥

Just two days before I got hitched, my favourite girls threw me a bridal shower. Knowing that I love surprises, they kept everything from me until the very last moment!

I got invited to my very own bridal shower and I had to take a selfie as RSVP! Haha!

Because I wasn’t organising it, I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures myself. The girls were in-charged of almost everything. They actually blind folded me from home and made sure I had no idea where they were heading to. Then, they surprised me with a beautiful Pinterest inspired setup in a romantic restaurant! Haha. You can watch Natalie’s vlog above and check out what they did prior to my arrival too.

Me and my happy face while reading the Congratulations card they got me ♥ And look, I’ve got a pretty cake for the occasion too!

And here’s what I’ve prepared for them in return. Mani-thanks gifts!

Here are some pictures taken with my girls from both CCVIP and Fishball clan. Not forgetting my cousin, Elaine who was my maid of honour too.

Guess what! The girls invited so many oppas to join us during the bridal shower too! ‘Last flingssssss before the ring’ done right! Hahahahaha Even my favourite Jay Chou is here!

Sadly, we did not get to take a lot of pictures that night because apparently all cameras we had were low in batteries. LOL what luck. We saved them for groupies and the highlight (scroll down for it!), and they died right before the finale.

We took the last groupie with a phone and…. it’s blur! But well, it’s the thought and memories made that count! I have so much love for them to make the night memorable and I can’t ask for more! Once again, mani-thanks to all of you!

Wait for my next entry as I will share more about my BIG DAY! ♥

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