17 Again!

What: 17 Again (Birthday + Reunion)
When: 15 November 2013
Where: Seoulscape Bistro, Kota Damansara

If you were wondering why haven’t you read anything about my birthday here yet… This it! Sorry for the delayed update but I’ve just gotten the lovely pictures and for the first time ever, I’m not the photographer myself :D

And the party was done much later after my actual birthday too because we wanted to have it celebrated together with Carmen!!!! It has been 5 years since we skipped celebrating our birthdays together. It was a tough long-distance relationship with this girl. Grrr. But we all still love her to bits <3

This time, it was celebrated in a cozy cafe located in Kota Damansara. The place has really affordable yummy Korean food (I love their Army Stew except that it is a little spicy for me) and also a very nice place to small gathering like this where we also get to have the whole place by ourselves. Not forgetting that they have a really nice girl working there too. She’s Carmen too. Haha. You are gonna love this place too if you are a K-pop fanatic.

The three birthday girls had this party prepared since a month ago and cracked our heads for ideas to make it fun and so, we had the idea of school uniform inspired themed party. Hence, 17 Again (inspired by the movie itself too, of course). We are actually 25 this year but but but I’m sure we don’t look like it yet. Hahaha coincidentally it was year 2005 when we were 17. And we invited 25 guests all together. Play of numbers!

We are very surprised ourselves for seeing the guest came with real school uniforms we haven’t been wearing for at least.. 8 years!!! I wanted to wear them too but I contemplated. I thought no one would. Pfft.

I honestly love the idea of having someone else to take the pictures during my own event so that I could be captured in the pictures as much as my guests too. Hahaha. I cannot deny how much I love the candid pictures he took of us. Those natural smiles and more smiles I adore seeing. Thank you Sia :)

My BFFs are wonderful! They baked these yummy velvet cone cakes with cheese cream icing!!! I only contributed to the rainbow touch on them. Pfft. Besides that, we three prepared quite a number of props for the birthday too, for photo-taking purposes :) We made giant student ID for mug shoots and IG-inspired tagging in high school version. Some posters of pictures we took when we were truly 17 as well.

What else did we do?

We prepared prize (gold trophy! lol) for the best dressed and also certificated to the attendees, making it like a graduation party too. Hahahahahaha. Officially the graduates from 17 Again Birthday Party! Oh wait, reunion with Carmen too!

Eating like this reminds me to school time too when we like to spend our time eating and slacking in the school canteen. How I miss those times.


Meanwhile in Natalie’s world. Hahaha. And here are some funny shots taken during the graduation ceremony. Lol much.

Undeniably my favourite pictures of my girlfriends and myself <3

And a cheerful group picture <3 Not forgetting about the one I heart the most <3 The transferee from another school. Hahaha not my high school sweet heart.

Cone cakes’ cheers!!! :D :D :D

Now, this picture makes Ian one lucky guy on earth. Lol.

Anyways, the party was simple but good enough for a quality get-together with faces we haven’t been seeing for awhile. We were really happy for the turn-ups (yeah, a few stood us up too) and their effort in dressing up. THANK YOU ALL! Hehe. I still enjoy birthdays as much as I always do. Sometimes I wonder if I would get sick celebrating my birthday as I get older…

p/s: My hair is in a very messy state now. I think I need to find solutions to the frizzy messy hair. Better yet, a hair makeover T_T

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