8 thoughts on “All I want this Christmas…

  1. #2 very easy dirty le. i have one U___U and the sides are rubber so it sucks into your skin. quite pain. but then again my walking pattern got probs maybe im not utilsiing it the way i should be. :(

  2. yuen : hehehe cause i always want to toast bread with kaya and butter for breakfast! :9

    green apple : thanks! :)

    audrey : hehe. i think i can get one very soon but i doubt i can find in blue colour like this! ooh, think hard for the xmas wishlist already!

    nat : is it! i tried on it and its very nice leh.. hahaha but i know la, it gets dirty very easily T_T i still want it tho..

    she & spectre : hopefully! yay! :D

    gin : i dont know how much is the radio but the toaster is under RM100 la i think. i doubt there’s pink on sale here tho…

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