Architect ’15

Since April, it has been hectic for me as there were back to back exhibitions from Penang to Sabah and Kuala Lumpur. What tires me more was a short trip to Bangkok in between these exhibitions. However, it was quite an eye-opening one. After 5 years and 10 months in the company, this was actually my first overseas trip to check out another exhibition. Hah!

Huge board and mini me for comparison. Hehe.

This is possibly one of the most eye-catching booth in the halls!

Everything is so pretty there! Haha even the showgirls. And I like their creativity in the architecture models’ display. The students’ artwork really blown me away and I can stop taking pictures of them :)

After the exhibition, we help ourselves with good food in Siam Centre and I’ve found these super cute macaroons <3 <3 I'm gonna have more in July when I head back there!

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