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Too hungry to crawl out of your house to get good food located at miles away? Too little time to prep for a full course meal? Too expensive to dine in the town’s well-recommended restaurant? It’s all the #firstworldproblem eh! But I admit, I sometimes do have such problems too. Hahaha then I came across Ayam Brand’s Facebook Fanpage and found out they have this Student Series going on… It’s actually a series of recipe made especially for students or another words, simple recipes of good food! :D

12 different easy recipes were actually shared on the page for us to learn! And it is definitely a fun recipe series made by Ayam Brand that will make you go droooooooling.

Here are a few of my favourite recipe videos by Will Quah and Aishah Sinclair;

Nasi Lemak!!!

Fruit Cocktail

Rainbow Tuna Meehon!!!!!

And the list goes on and on… Hungry already? Wait! Don’t rush to the kitchen yet!!! There’s actually a surprise for you by just watching the videos. Yupe! You actually stand a chance to win weekly prizes! :D :D Stand a chance to win Grand Prize of Kitchen Appliance by SenQ and consolation prizes of delicious products by Ayam Brand! There are two grand prizes and five consolation prizes up for grabs! Grand prize is different every week and everyone have the chance to win.

Just watch, enter the contest here and win! As simple as that  Hmmn I love contests! I’ve joined already so you should be miss it out either.. I actually got a little inspired after watching the video and I actually made myself the Rainbow Tuna Meehon too!

Prep Time: 20mins
Cook Time: 15mins

Here’s how!

Step #01 Prepare the ingredients. Ingredients include; meehon bundle, egg, carrot, chives flower, red chili, caridean shrimp, garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce and of course, drinking water! I used egg, carrot, chives flower and red chili to replace capsicums because I hate ‘em. Hahaha.

Step #02 Remember the Ayam Brands’s Tuna in Olive Oil!

Step #03 Chop the rainbows. Chop the carrot, chilies, chives flower and garlic.

Step #04 Er, open up the tin can. Haha.

Step #05 Soak the meehon for about 5 minutes to soften it.

Step #06 Wash the shrimps.

Step #07 Then, fry and slice the egg! Don’t forget about the egg. It’s yellow and part of the rainbow :)

Step #08 Fry the greens!! Fry the chive flowers with the caridean shrimp and garlic. Don’t miss out the oyster sauce and some drinking water too. Do it for around 3 minutes will do!

Step #09 Fry the meehon already! Here’s the exciting part, fry the carrot and chili slices with the meehon with the addition of the garlic cubs and soy sauce. Just as simple as that! After frying, add in the greens and egg on the meehon.

Step #10 Enjoy the Meal!!! Yummy!

It’s actually my first time to cook meehon and I think it was a success, partially because it was really easy. Don’t you think so?

4 thoughts on “Ayam Brand The Student Series!

  1. haiyor.. i cm to your website to check your update on jay concert. But then saw this entry. Then my mind cant stop thinking bout it. I just cm bck frm cafe. Guess what? u knw my menu. Fried meehoon! but wth no tuna. hahah! will try your recipe 1 day.

  2. update like.. erm.. normally there is info like t-shirt they sell for the fans to wear on the concert night, or any goodies frm taiwan.. etc etc.. hehe
    Like the rooftop, only after read from your post then i knew there was a contest bout it =(. The shirt look nice. Where did you get all the info? i always tertinggal bas la.. :p

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