Babyginz’ 21st Birthday!

What : Ginny Yap’s 21st Birthday
When : 18 February 2011
Where : Malacca Town!!!!

This is yet another back dated post but this did not happen too long ago. And how can I not admit to be old already because the little girl I made friends in school is now 21st tho I somehow look younger than her ;p Pictures spam start here again and all pictures’ credits belong to the birthday girl – Ginny, Natalie, and TJ!

#01 Her birthday fell on a Friday and because Saturday is also my working day, I took only one day’s off to join them in Malacca after work on Friday’s evening. I joined them with Eric who had to work too. It took us less than 2 hours to reach them and those above are Natalie, Ginny and Arthur doing their touring in Jonker Street. Haha Natalie sure looks cranky in this picture.

#02 Once we touched down Malacca, we headed out for dinner at Wok and Pan. It was my first visit there and I have to say that they serve OK food with very very very affordable prices! :) We had lamb, beef, fishes, soups and drink and the bill was still alright :D Thank you Arthur again for the dinner.

#03 And right opposite the restaurant, the very famous Nadeje Cafe was located there. Before tasting it myself, I’ve got lots of friends who told me how great and yummy they taste. They made me really excited la… And when I was given the chance to try, I’ve decided not to be a fan of it. Anyway, we ordered the coffee, strawberry and Gula Melaka flavoured Mille Crepes – also the birthday cakes for the main role of the night.

#04 Happy couples :D I hope they always stay happy like this!

#05 Birthday girl pouts.

#06 After the dinner and dessert, we strolled in Jonker Street.

#07 Getting flavoured ice sticks for ourselves. RM1 for one!

#08 And later, we stopped by the famous Geographer Cafe for drinks and games. That’s Eric trying to show off his talent of throwing and catching the drinks’ coasters.

#09 Blowing some bubbles from the bubble tube I’ve bought from Jonker Street earlier.

#10 Nat too! Hahaha. I’ve never hang out in the street so late ever and I have to say I kinda like it. Unlike the busy cities, drinking places in such a small town can be very interesting :) I like how everyone sat in the middle of the busy road it was in the morning and how chilling it can be at night when it burns in the noon. I like the singers. I like the companion :)

#11 Like a little girl :)

#12 Hahahaha this was the next morning already and the bubble blowing did not stop. Before this, we spent a little bit of time hanging around in the room of the guest house and had a very relaxing breakfast with the peeps. I love the guest house. Uh huh, I will definitely go back there if I am staying in Malacca again!

#13 That’s me under the hot sun.

#14 And that’s us checking out the Nyonya boutique located right opposite the guest house we stayed in.

#15 Started to take some pictures then…. Love the heritage architectures.

#16 Before we headed for lunch, we had a short shopping session along the Jonker Street. Here, we discovered a soap shop that smells real good. Hehe and check out our matching skirts I got for us in conjunction of the Ginny’s birthday! Hahaha..

#17 Shopping shopping…

#18 And more shopping…

#19 Until we reached the Chicken Rice Ball restaurant, Woh Kei.

#20 Us, getting ready for polaroid while queuing up for our seats.

#21 Taadah! FOOD!!! I see chicken rice, fried cabbage, chicken and asam fish with lady finger! Yums.

#22 More shopping after lunch! :)

#23 The honorary male member of the Fishball Clan – Eric Wong. However, I think he is “transforming” a little now ;p ;p ;p

#24 Candid picture taken by TJ while waiting for our yummy cendol!! :9

#25 These guys were so busy with their phone calls while us enjoying our cendols. Anyways, TJ faked it! Hahahaha.

#26 The birthday girl again. And thank you again for the whole Malacca thingy. Escaping work and tension from the city with your guys once in a while is awesome!! :) :) Hope you enjoyed it too.

#27 Lastly, I shall end this post with a beauty shot of Natalie :D You’re turning 21 in erm, 8 months plus 9 days’ time! Hahaha. That means I’m also turning 23 in less than 8 months’ time D: Not good.

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  1. darren : hahaha thanks :)

    jackie : that is….. quite far away. blek!

    KY : are you serious T_T dont make us happy for nothing! hahaha

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