Beach-y BBQ @ Koh Samui, Day 2

You’ve seen my photo story of day one in Koh Samui. It was pretty much a plain one, all we did was a short strolling at the nearby town. And it was a working day on the second day, so I shall skip it and fast forward it to the night event! A BBQ party by the beach! :D At first, we all thought it would be some typical BBQ that involves ourselves in preparing the food but it was totally not the same idea we had when it happened. It was more like some candle light dining by the beach, except that there were 30 of us! :D

#01 It was very much a “romantic” one. Hahaha. And if you are wondering, this was Lamai Beach. The beach located just right beside the place we stayed in for 4d3n – Pavilion Samui Boutique Resort. I have to admit that the hotel was really nice and is totally made for honeymoon couples! Great place to go if you are on one.

#02 Anyways, here are the pictures of the beach-y BBQ that night. First picture – Evelyn and I. Check out my cheap steal of a retro swimwear from Cotton On for only RM40. Got another piece in black for only RM15!

#03 Legs and a goldfish.

#04 Myself, Shyen Ze and Advan.

#05 And the proud owner of the goldfish, Eleen.

#06 The beach wasn’t very happening but we could see fireworks everywhere along the beach. What’s best? The starry sky! I really like how clear the sky was and how it wasn’t polluted by the lights of the buildings. I like how I could see the stars so clearly and peacefully. Besides, I too, see people selling sky lanterns everywhere by the beach and in the town. They cost around 80-100 baht usually but we’ve got ours by the beach for 150 baht because it is in heart shape!!!! My first time seeing such a cute one! :D :D

#07 The four of us who bought it, made wishes, and let it flew up the sky.

#08 <3 <3 <3

#09 Hahaha guess what? Gangnam Style made it to the peak of the night! We were all high and none of us took care of our images any more. Horse dance it is! And this would be my favourite picture of the night! Hahahaha.

#10 Another enthusiastic horse dancer of the night – Jun!

#11 Hahahahahaha yours truly made an attempt too, but it wasn’t captured.

#12 Shyen Ze, May, Rachel and I.

#13 The majority of us :D

#14 Me and the ladies – Pei Lyn, Ann, Jun and Liz Loh.

#15 Advan and I, again.

#16 Rachel, Janet, May and Liliane.

#17 The ladies in the uniforms same outfits – Stacy, Eki, Jun, Janet and Lei Hun. Ooh! They are the members of CIS Mama Club too :)

#18 My room-mate and I.

#19 May, Liliane and I.

#20 Last but definitely not least, my Scorpios in the office – Myself, Rachel and May.

It was indeed a fun night filled with good food, laughters, dance and bonding. But I’ve got more to share from the Koh Samui trip! I will next blog about our island hopping event :D Stay tuned for lots of bikini pictures. Lol.

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