Birthday Getaway at Bali, Day 3

Here’s the next post on my bali trip, on my actual birthday :) This was us, a picture at the stairways in the villa. Hahaha I would like to thank the photographer for making my legs look really long in it. Haha.

Because the smelly boy needs to use the washroom halfway during our trip, we get to enter the locals’ houses. And this was the alley. And we had their local food, Mie Bakso with beef balls. And teh botol of course!

It was a day, mostly trapped in the car. From the villa, it took us approximately 2.5 hours to our destination of the day, The Mother Temple of Besakih. It is the biggest and holiest Hindu temple in Bali. And it has been built since centuries ago. Definitely worth a trip to witness the awesomeness of the temple. However, it was kinda cloudy during our trip, hence we are not able to enjoy the view of Mount Agung behind.

To enter into the temple, you are required the pay the entrance fee and hire one local tour guide to bring you around in the temple. The temple is too huge for you to walk freely, moreover it was also their big celebration – Kuningan on November 2 too. We had to rent a motorbike to bring ourselves 2km up the hill as well. You may choose to walk but I don’t reckon that it is going to be a good idea.

And yeah, I didn’t get to try Babi Guling during this trip due to the clash of celebration in the island D: But I actually get to see everyone in the island wearing their traditional costume everywhere. And it was so nice! I got myself an orange sarong and a batik sarong for the smelly one too to blend in. Hahahaha. There were only the two of us during the temple visit because the rest didn’t want to travel so far for it. They went for paddy terrace field visit at Ubud instead.

We spent about 1.5 hours there touring around and listening to its history before moving on for lunch at Ubud. We had the very famous Bebek Tepi Sawah at Ubud which took us another 1 hour worth of car journey. If you didn’t know, Bebek means duck. Hehe. I know they are known for their duck dish but I can’t help myself to order the prawns because their seafood are awesomely good :D

There’s paddy field and hell lotsa ducks too in the restaurant itself. Haha. The dishes’ prices are slightly higher than the other food you find in town but I would say it is a good pay for what you are ordering. I love the environment there too though it was filled with tourist like us. Haha. The restaurant now has branched out to a few more places, one of them is in Kuta. So the next time we go, we can just chill at Kuta without such traveling.

After the lunch, we had a quick shopping before heading back to the villa for check-out. It was a waste that we didn’t get to chill in the villa itself. We should have stayed on more day for it but it’s alright. We’ve got plenty of chances again int he future to try out different stuffs!

We had a complete group picture before the two of us leave the group and the villa to Jimbaran for seafood dinner by the beach and sunset again. The food were relatively more than average price but the tastes are sure good. The view was romantic and the sea waves were cooling. We managed to take a lot of picture with nice background view but our jumping shots failed. Hahahahaha. I do not know how to manage such shots with my new camera yet :p

So, here are just some candid pictures of us divided by genders. Haha.

The view was really awesome and I was really reluctant to move my ass to the airport for the flight back to Kuala Lumpur. And wow, the crowd in the airport departure was crazy. The departure queue was so long, we started to queue outside of the airport.. Pfft. And it took us around 1 hour to enter the gate. It was already 10pm but it was so so so happening in the airport itself. Haha. We reached home at 2am. Ahhh. It was really tiring and full of moving around during this trip but it was still a nice one.

My next trip? It would be Malacca with the family and then to Seoul for winter!!!!!!!! I just can’t wait any longer…..

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