Happy Winter Solstice!

It’s my favourite time of the year again where I get to roll ’em glutinous rice balls. Previous years, I have been giving them happy faces and they got mainstream. Haha so, this year I got rid of that idea and made something different. I made flowers and orange shaped tong yuen! I was worried […]

DIY Bokeh Kit

If you know me well enough, I trust you are aware of my love towards bokeh. Haha. I’m always awed by how bokehs can appear so prettily in pictures and also in dramas, especially K-dramas. Sometimes my astigmatism gives me bokeh visions at night too! And yesterday, I attempted to make a DIY bokeh kit […]

Iris’ Maternity Shoot

Time has been passing really quickly and to our surprises, Iris is upgrading to being a mom soon! :D We are all so excited as she’s the first among the BFF gang to be expecting. In line with the excitement, I initiated a maternity photoshoot for her, her bump and the rest of us (kaimas-to-be). […]