Petronas Primax95 Experience to Believe

Hoho! Last month I’ve joined the “Experience to Believe” convoy, I’ve gotten myself a chance to experience the superior efficiency of the latest PETRONAS PRIMAX95 with Advance Energy Formula during a day-long convoy which took us from Ben’s, Publika to Ipoh and then back to Kuala Lumpur. During the journey, PETRONAS PRIMAX95 with Advance Energy […]

Print Your Own Polaroids!

Awhile ago, I was introduced to Printic. Printic is an app based in Paris that allows you to print your pictures from your phone. And these are also printed in polaroid styles. Who doesn’t like polaroid right? Even better when you can forgo the hassle of carrying a bulky polaroid camera! Guess what? I’ve also […]

Ayam Brand The Student Series!

Too hungry to crawl out of your house to get good food located at miles away? Too little time to prep for a full course meal? Too expensive to dine in the town’s well-recommended restaurant? It’s all the #firstworldproblem eh! But I admit, I sometimes do have such problems too. Hahaha then I came across […]