Chatuchak Weekend Market & Red Skybar @ Bangkok, Thailand

The picture above has nothing to do with the post but I thought it was really pretty to be featured. Haha! Maybe it does have some relation as this entire trip was also my ice-cream hunting adventure. Hoho. I shall make a compilation of the ice cream later.

On the next morning of #Thaibound, we took a bus journey from Hua Hin to Bangkok. Fortunately, the bus station located just right beside the hotel we lodged in and the fare was RM18 per person for a very comfortable seat. It was almost 2-3 hours later when we reached the bus terminal, then we grabbed a tuk-tuk to the next hotel, Lemon Tea hotel. I did not take a lot of pictures of the hotel but I enjoyed staying there. It is located at Pratunam and we can easily reach Platinum Mall and the other malls by foot! There are also plenty of massage parlor along the streets. Besides that, the hotel also provide coin-laundry which made my life a lot easier!

As soon as we settled down in Bangkok, we headed out for street snacks!

Yummssss. Then we continued the food hunting journey at MBK mall where I had my favourite Thai steamboat at MK restaurant! We found a food fair going on at the mall too and we munched on some really tiny sushis and snacks too.

After gluttony, we headed back to the hotel and prepared ourselves for the night event at Grand Centara hotel. Bangkok has always been famous with their many sky bars but I’ve not been to any even though I’m such a frequent visitor of Bangkok. This time, we visited Red Skybar with the rest of friends who were in Bangkok too.

Something non-alcoholic for me :)

My favourite picture at the top, because I really like bokeh. Haha.

And the peeps whom I have been talking about! I’m in the picture too (when you see it…)

We managed to get ourselves a very very nicely located tables and we chilled the entire night in the breezy wind with nice drinks and talks :) We ended the night earlier than expected because we were all dead tired and couldn’t risk missing the highlight for the next day – Chatuchak Weekend Market!

Before the journey starts, I had to take a picture (and my only picture) at the hotel… Hehe

We went to the market together with the friends but we did not shop together because we thought it wouldn’t be effective for a big group shopping. We then split up and started the shopping adventure. And that’s why I won’t be having a lot of pictures of the market. LOL.

I wanted to take pictures of the puppies in the market so badly but we weren’t allowed. I wanted to bring them home too T____T

Anyways… Let’s compensate ourselves with the ever-popular coconut ice cream!

More popsicles and portraits. Hehe.

We spent only a good 3 hour in the market and gave up due to the weather. Bahhhh it was freaking stuffy and we were dying to head out for fresh air. Even my handy cooling fan couldn’t save us from it.

Then, we went to the nearby food market – Or Tor Gor. It was out first time there and reviews said they have a plenty of good food (and flowers?!?!) there! And indeed, there were a wide variety of food selection in the food court and also the market. We tried the local pork and also durian!!!

The local durian has no smell and it’s rather puffy comparing to the Malaysia’s durian. There are freaking expensive too. It cost RM6 for a piece like this. I would still choose Malaysia’s. Haha.

The end of the post. I’ve got two more #thaibound post before I start blogging about Seoul again. Stay tuned and I shall find more time to update the blog :)

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