Clawset Cafe @ Damansara Utama

I used to be really really afraid of dogs and the other animals since young. I remembered I used to have a dog and the fear developed after she left us, plus a few more bad incidents with animals. The good news is, I might have finally overcame the fear, like finally! Haha.

I begin to find affection for Pomeranians (because the dog I had and the dog at the bf’s place are the same breed) too! They are just too adorable! And I got so so so excited when I found out there’s a dog cafe in town that has a lot of pomsssssss!!! Clawset Cafe it is <3 <3 Of course, I asked the BFF to tag along. We had our late lunch there at the cafe not knowing what to expect because I have only been seeing people ordering and talking about the waffles, not the main dishes. I ordered their seafood pasta which was just a so-so. Nothing worth shouting about.

BUT! The poms are definitely worth it! More than being just worthy! They are so so so adorable!

As soon as I entered the cafe, I saw them frozen at these positions as if they were getting ready to take a nap. Truth is, they were being shy and a little afraid. This little one in blue outfit caught our eyes immediately!!!!! She’s little Paris. Unfortunately, she’s pretty afraid of strangers because we encountered rough customers who dropped and hurt her T__T She didn’t let us touch her at all.

But there’s little Maggie, who was the most approachable pom in the cafe. She’s always walking around and looking for hugs!

Meet little Eiffel too! She’s so so so so tiny and fluffy!!!!

Besides poms, there are a few more dogs (which I’m unsure of the breeds) and a grumpy cat. And all of them are very well groomed!

That’s little Jolly in the picture above. She has super funky hairstyle and she’s super manja. She falls asleep easily in your arms <3 <3

BFF and I spent about 2 hours there and that ain’t enough. I wished we had more time to bond with the doggies, especially with little Paris. Doesn’t she look like a little bear? Hehe. Located right beside the cafe, there’s also a pets’ grooming center where most of the dogs are chilling at. There are so much more furkids that we didn’t get to play with.

I’m so going back there for them!

Where? Look up Clawset Cafe in the maps. Otherwise, here’s the address for you: 36-1, Jalan SS 22/25, Ss 22, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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