Damnoen Saduak Floating Market & Sealife Ocean World @ Bangkok, Thailand

We started our morning adventure at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market which was located approximately 2.5 hours from the city. It was almost impossible to get there privately in budget style, we joined the tour obtained at the hotel’s front desk. It cost around RM60 and we had to wake up as early as 6am to join fellow tourist too.

We gathered at Khaosan Road before departing in a large group of Asians and Westerners. Most of us just sleep during the car journey.

When we arrived, the tour guide told us that we could opt touring the market by feet or by boat. And since we travelled so far for this, I don’t think we should skip the shopping with the boat.

We shared the boat with those other tourists from Beijing and they were super nice! Both the bf and the Chinese guy wanted to converse so much but Daryl doesn’t speak Chinese AND the Chinese guy doesn’t speak English too. I was the translator the whole time and it was kinda… interesting yet frustrating because I can’t speak China’s Chinese as well.

The whole boat shopping was interesting but the floating market was super crowded, even on a weekday. The river was jam packed with boats and we had to fight for the flow.

I enjoyed seeing things from the boat, especially the food. I always wanted to try eating authentic boat noodles (ever since the trend in KL) but I figured it was gonna be difficult for a tourist like me who carried a camera, fan and drinks along.

The boat journey took up about 30 minutes and we resumed the market tour by foot for the rest of the 15 minutes. And we stopped at one of the boat noodle stalls which was targeted from the boat!

Damn, they were good. So much better than those we have tasted in Malaysia.


If you noticed, my pictures are all taken with a SLR and GoPro. Usually pictures from the SLR are from me while the GoPro’s are from the bf. Hehe.

View of the market from the top! :)

Later, we took another 2 hours to return to Bangkok but I didn’t get to sleep or even rest in the mini van because I was seated at the front ‘extra’ seat, right between the driver and the front passenger’s seat. Damn. And I had no seat belts on me. It was probably one of the most terrifying car journey because I don’t know if I should trust the driver and there wasn’t other options for me T___T

Lucky we arrived back in Bangkok in one piece. Haha. The driver was nice enough to drop us at Siam Paragon too! Hahaha tuk-tuk fare saved! I should have probably be more confident in his driving skills. LOL.

We had one of the best snack at Siam Paragon’s food court and I totally forgotten about capturing it in picture. We had Japanese mentai cheese gyoza that was super yummy! It was awarded as champion gyoza for 6 years in a row and this is how it looks like…

picture source: thaifootprint.com

You should totally drop by Teraoka Gyoza when in Bangkok!

Sealife Ocean World was our next destination! I’ve always like going to aquariums because I find it very magically beautiful. Hehehe.

Look! I found nemo! Hahaha.

Sharks below us! Trust me, the feeling of standing above these creatures can be quite scary. Hahaha. We jumped away as soon as we captured the picture.

And I really like their big glass display and their tunnel way. It’s so pretty! But I didn’t look good enough for the pictures due to the weather expose in the market earlier that day T_T

The day didn’t end here! We headed to somewhere else before wrapping up. But I shall keep it for the next post, which is also the last post of #Thaibound :) Yay! I’m catching up.. Haha!

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