Hello form Singapura!

Hello! The blog has been really quiet recently because I havent got my Wifi fixed at home. Plus, I’m current on a one-week vacation. Yes! Hello from Singapore! :) :) I’ll be spending one week here with zero workload! :D :D

#01 I spent my first day in Singapore by entertaining the little Princess, Kaiwen. Haven’t really spent much time with her since ages and one day of it is enough already. She can be really hyper when someone else is around. I don’t think I can take too much of that. Hahaha. Spend the day playing with her and shopping with her mother.

#02 I later spent half of my second day with her too! Later in the evening, I met up with Elaine and family for dinner! We headed to Bottle Tree Park, Yishun for an outdoor dinner a.k.a picnic where we can also bring along the pets!

#03 It is a park where you get to dine with your family, jog with the pets and fish at the lake. However, the weather was quite bad yesterday. The sun was terribly hot, I didn’t want to move at all. Pffft.

#04 Aww. This is a wonderful sight right? Clear skies with the MRT passing by :)

#05 Classic table clothe design for picnic. Red and white checkers. Haha.

#06 Little princess having fun with the bubble with my annoyed looking grandma in the picture.

#07 Elaine’s 5 months old puppy – Cooper who is actually scared of me. I’m scared of him too but he is by far, the tamest pet my friends have. Pfft. The other dogs should learn from him!

#08 The food we had were a little too cool for picnic, right? Hahaha. We had chili crab with fried mantao, pork, yam with vegetables, mushroom, fish and soup. That’s the cousin, Elaine :)

#09 Another beautiful shot taken at Bottle Tree Park during sun set :) Pretty isn’t it. It’s my third day in Singapore today and I’m currently waiting for Carmen and Cindy’s arrival!! It’s our first trio outing outside of Malaysia! I can’t wait to see them, maybe in less than 3 hours’ time! WEEE!! Orchard!!! Universal Studio!!! Sentosa Island!!!!! Here we come!!!! :D :D

13 thoughts on “Hello form Singapura!

  1. Wow, nice view!!!
    You’ve a little princess too??? Cousin huh???
    My princess is kinda naughty, lol!! But is great to hv a kid at home… XD

  2. simon : no lor. i think its better with it! :D

    jfook : thanks!

    karen : i will!

    M:D : I saw the girl, but I think they dont really look alike la. perhaps at certain angle..

    gin : yah, actually quite cute. he’s like a little kid only.

    thsi : hahahaha.. soon soon, next post!

    bendan : not really when they become really annoying! T_T

    kim : coming here to shop? its sales everywhere!!

    ahsiang : you should check it out some time. its quite cool :)

    catty & lindy : hello! hahaha i’m using Canon G11 :)

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