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If you know me well enough, I trust you are aware of my love towards bokeh. Haha. I’m always awed by how bokehs can appear so prettily in pictures and also in dramas, especially K-dramas. Sometimes my astigmatism gives me bokeh visions at night too!

And yesterday, I attempted to make a DIY bokeh kit again. I tried making it years back and failed. Don’t remember how and why. I even search for the bokeh master kit online but it would cost me a bomb to buy it and get it shipped to Malaysia, so I’ve decided to do it myself.

Doesn’t it look convincingly good enough? Hehe. I’m gonna teach you how to do it without getting your pocket burned! First of all, you will need to prep yourselves with black art papers, ruler, cutting board, cutting blade, pencils, glue and tapes. And here you go..

#01 Measure the size of the lens and draw the lines on a black art paper. Make sure you draw it a little bigger as an allowance to pocket your lens later.

#02 Cut out another piece of rectangular, shape it to a cylinder and glue it. Then, use masking tape to join it to the earlier round sheet, making it like a lens hood.

#03 Oh wait, before that… Make sure you cut a small hole in the centre of the round sheet. Also, make sure you cut two lines beside the centre hole like shown above. The objective is to allow the insertion of the filter strip.

#04 Then, cut the filter strips from the remaining art paper. I would suggest that you cut the strips to 10cm (length) x 2cm (width). At the same time, ensure the earlier cut beside the small centre hole to be slightly larger then the strip’s width.

#05 Draw and cut the desired shapes on the filter strip and make sure you leave a gap of at least 1cm in between the shapes. And that’s all!

The total cost of this DIY bokeh kit is merely a few Ringgit, plus a lot of effort in cutting the shapes out! I would like to thank Advan for helping out in cutting the shit (literally) too. Haha. Wanna see the outcome? Continue scrolling for them!


The shits.


And stars!

How did I do it? Like said, I’m not professional in this but here’s how I did it with a Canon 50mm F1.8. I switch on the AF and aim it on an object in front of the light source. Adjust it with different distances from the object and set it to MF as soon as you find a desired bokeh effect thru the camera, with the bokeh kit on. Then, hit the shutter for it! Haha simple enough for amateur photo bugs yeah?

Or do you have a better and simpler way? Tell me in the comment area below. You can show off your cool bokeh pictures too.

I’ll be cutting out more shapes and the cheapskate me has a cheating idea to make use of the shape punchers found in major bookstores. I’m gonna try my luck soon and come back with more bokeh shapes :)

p/s: Haha! I’m trying to revive my blog since I’m not really tied up with work now.

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  1. Of all the DIY kits that I found on net, this seems to be most feasible and coolest one. Will give it a try over the long weekend in India

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