Escaping to Sapi Island, KK

I’m back from Sabah! It was my third time visiting Kota Kinabalu but it was the first time I went for wedding and leisure! Although it was just a three day visit, but it was a fun one and it was a yummy one. My friends and I had good food all along the way and we thought we would turn fat after this trip (but I’m currently having food indigestion and feeling a little ill so I guess I wont gain the weight)! We had hell lotsa fresh seafood and good italian food over there.

We were there to attend Shyen Ze’s wedding ceremony and pictures of that later (need to steal them from the bride)! Now, here are some pictures of a short trip to Sapi Island. It is one of the beautiful islands that made up to Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Kota Kinabalu :)

It was indeed a short trip as we had to rush for the 3.45pm flight on Sunday. So, we made use of that very morning and spent it well at the island. From the hotel we stayed in Gaya Street, Hotel Sixty3 is located only 10 minutes away from Jesselton Point, by walking. As soon as we reached the ferry terminal, we purchased tickets to do a single island hoping which cost us only RM26 per person inclusive of park entrance fee.

#01 Boats at Jesselton Point. It was only 9 in the morning but the sun was surely as sunny as the afternoon sun in KL.

#02 The three of us – yours truly, Rachel and Melissa.

#03 To Sapi Island from the ferry terminal, it took us only 10-15 minutes of boat ride. After that, this became our view of the day!

#04 I love clean beaches, clear sea and sunny sky like this! Just too bad we did not have enough time to swim and do the water activities there.

#05 It was so hot that the rainbow melted on me too. Lol.



#08 Isn’t the beach pretty? :)

#09 Here’s another view found at the other side of the beach. A magnificent one! :D


#11 Us, rocking on the rocks. Hahahaha.

#12 A candid of me on the move.

#13 See! It’s so beautiful! And to be honest, this was by far the best beach I’ve visited locally. But to be fair, I’ve only been to a few in Malaysia and this was the only clean and clear one. I wished we had more time to spend in the Marine Park and that we could visit all 5 islands there!


#15 Then, Rachel and I had this silly idea to do lame jumping shoots by the beach (second series after the ones we took in Krabi Island earlier this year). My best solo attempt.

#16 Surprise!!!

#17 Bitch, we are fabulous! Hahaha our very own beach-walking style yeah! By the way, did you notice how burnt we look in these pictures? The faces are as red as tomatoes, compared to the first few pictures we took in the beginning. Lucky I did apply a few layers of sun block lotion and I look fine after the trip, but Rachel and Melissa look the otherwise. They were burnt and red. I teased them for looking like a half-cooked lobster. Hahaha.

#18 It was 12 in the noon when we had to leave such a pretty beach. I bet all of us had heavy hearts but we needed to head back to KL on the same afternoon. And I managed to capture a few more very pretty pictures of the beach and sea before departing Sapi Island.

This picture above is totally a wallpaper-material right? :D It looks like gems to me. Hehe.

#19 The natural gradient of the sea! :D :D

#20 And lastly, a random picture of the sky taken during the returning boat journey. Ahh what a waste. We could have had more fun in the Marine Park. WE MUST HEAD BACK ANOTHER TIME!

For now, I’m vey much looking forward to my next family trip to be happening this weekend! Marina Bay Sands, here we come! I hope my readers are enjoying their year-end activities too :D

4 thoughts on “Escaping to Sapi Island, KK

  1. haha your pictures all look so happy! wtf

    sabah actually has some really nice beaches, if you ever have the chance to go back you can maybe check out mataking island or go to kudat, the tip of borneo, it’s quite far from KK wtf but worth the drive :)

  2. fresh : hahaha cause we were indeed happy! :p and yeah, I’ve heard of the other places you mentioned too but I didnt have enough time for all. we will definitely head back for another trip! :D :D

  3. My friend keep pursue me to Sabah beach as I really liking island trip, OMG, this makes me lagi feels like wanna go!!!! SO FUN LA, look at your picha feels happy adi. XD

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