Fluffy and Smiley Cupcakes

Happy Food is back!

This time, they are all drawn with my index finger on the Macbook’s multi-trackpad because my drawing tablet can’t be used with this new laptop anymore. Hmmn I hope they can be as cute as those previous Happy Food posts too. By the way, who actually still remember these? And anyone of you guys are interested to get some .Gif files of the smileys to be applied on your food pictures? “Like” this post and let me know! :D

p/s: And here is to the recipe of the rainbow cupcakes :)

4 thoughts on “Fluffy and Smiley Cupcakes

  1. I think this post is absolutely BRILLIANT! LOL As an avid garage saler and someone who has HAD garage sales in the past, I try to respect the 'rules' of the game, as well as the people holding the garage sales. I definitely don't want to be seen as that rude, pushy person!!

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