Fun Day at #Lorongbelakang

I’ve been seeing pictures of people hanging around this Lorong Belakang place and nothing gets my interest more than seeing creative 3D mural painting in the alley! I always like all these, also pretty graffitis on the wall. Cause they are just oh-so-creative!

Then, I got all my answers about this place by just searching for it in Google. Located in Shah Alam Seksyen 7, Lorong Belakang is literally a back alley of shops that is creatively designed and named Laman Seni 7.

Quoted from their Facebook page, Laman Seni 7 is… “A project and a platform for the younger generations especially students, to express their talents and fresh ideas. In short, Laman Seni 7 is aimed to be the focal point for the youth to congregate to utilise the given space for the benefit of the community”.

My girls and I got excited for this girl-and-photo outing we even set a dress code for it – denim! Though we were all drenched in our own sweat (because the weather was so so so hot and yeah, alleys made it worse with the air conditioners’ compressor and kitchen ventilator), we had lotsa fun and we were so happy with the outcome photos!

Okay. These first two pictures were lies. They were taken in Laman Seni 2 at Seksyen 2 instead of 7. We got the wrong place in the beginning but we didn’t leave with empty hands memory cards (in the camera, lol).

As soon as we arrived the right place, we were greeted by a sight of crowded human… all in the same alley. It was so happening! Everywhere or rather everyone you are looking at is either holding a monopod or posing for the camera on the monopod. We weren’t much of a difference. Hahaha.

The girls are just so fascinated by this monopod I got from Taobao (its only RM2!). And they too, did not disappoint me with the amount of photo spam on my phone T_T

Just me, attempting the Cheon Song-Yi pose directed by Cindy. Haha. Seriously, awkward.

My favourite wall art would be this! The “Melting” because it involved ice-creams and a strong message to all. I also love the candid picture caught by Pui Yeen below. Nothing much, just being (intentionally) photobombed by the grinning dinosaur and (unintentionally) photobombed by an uncle who was amused by us being amused with wefies.

The other favourite piece of art because it involved colour blocks! :D :D

There are just too much of photos to be shared here. Click here to view ’em all! :D

Wanna get there as well? I would advise you to visit it as soon as possible because the showcased items are already not in good conditions. If you noticed, some props and painting are no longer in their best conditions despite having this place launched for only 2-3 months.

If you are not familiar with the place (just like me). Directions are available in Waze and Foursquare. Or for easy reference, you can head up to iCity at Shah Alam. These shop lots are located just around iCity!

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