Fun with Felt, Fabric and Frame

I bought some alphabet felt cloths from Material at Fahrenheit 88 few days ago. They were kind pointless but it was hard to resist because I find them really cute and colourful. When I got home, I stared at the alphabets thinking what I can do with them beside spamming my Instagram account. Hmmn maybe I could frame them up, just for fun! Then I thought plain frames are plain…. And again, it came to my mind that I actually have a couple of fabric stickers, given by my cousin. Hence, this blog post :)

#01 The stuff – felt letters, fabric sticker (from Korea but also found in Pavilion’s Tokyo Street), plain photo frame (from ikea), scissors and glue stick.

#02 These letters cost RM1 each (for the smallest size) and they come in various sizes and colours! And I’ve got these 11 letters <3 <3 Note! If you want to get pastel effect on coloured papers without spending extra time to look for it, try using a piece of tracing paper to tame down the sharply hued paper, just like mine above. Check out the number of papers and layers I made use of.

#03 The A4 sized pretty fabric cloths that come in various floral prints. I have got newspaper, leopard and polka dot prints as well! However, I’ve got no idea how much they cost since they are gifts from the cousin sister.

#04 Anyways, here are some tips and ideas (you might already know) in beautifying the photo frame.

First, cut the fabric stickers accordingly. Make sure you give some allowances to the sides of the stickers. This is a must! You will see why. Also, remember to use a pair of really sharp scissors in cutting the fabrics else you will end up having the threads dangling around it.

#05 One thing I was really relieved of is the stickiness of the fabric sticker. They are made to be less sticky compared to tapes and therefore I can easily remove them from the item without damaging anything, whenever I make mistakes.

#06 And this is why you needed the cloth allowances I mentioned. You will need to cover up the frame’s edges as well.

#07 It will look like this once you are done covering all the sides. A little hideous but it doesn’t really matter because it’s the back of the frame. No one is going to notice it :)

#08 This is how the front look.

#09 Continue the step for 3 other times and taadah! This is what you will get!

#10 Just it! We are done having a new and unique looking frame :)

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  1. Priscilla : Fahrenheit 88 is located at Bukit Bintang KL, formerly known as KL Plaza :)

    Msbulat : Something sweet and simple I guess! Hehe.

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