27 thoughts on “Future Is…

  1. wow what a special way to present your blog post! like it :)

    I spend 10-13 hours on my computer per day ( including my 9 hours of working hour ) and I don’t really like it cuz very unhealthy. I’m a internet/computer freak and I feel so uncomfortable when I don’t have them! I try to not switch on my computer when I reach home at night and I succeed, but of course I failed sometimes. =x

  2. Kinda like writing a diary. Cute font and presentation hehe.
    I spend abt 2-4h/day haha. Indeed we revolve around technology

  3. Hello vvens!

    I notice you that nite. But shy a bit want to tegur2 cuz u very pretty la! hehe..
    btw i love ur entry! haiya how to beat this entry ma? watch out! ;P

    PS: i’ve link u. do link mine ya ;)

  4. hey there!..

    I noticed u there that nite, but didn’t really have the guts to say hi.. i’m a shy person.. hahaha.. I think there’s a picture of u in my blog, but partially.. u looked cute that nite! my sis saw ur picture and asked, “is she a cosplayer?” hehehe.. she’s into animes, and ur outfit might have looked like one..

    anyway, hope we both win the laptop! good luck.. (^^,)

  5. hihi. very cute post!
    i like the font =3
    uhh…i spend about 8-10 hrs a day on the comp; depending on how bored i am :P

    good luck on winning the lappie! :)

  6. janice : same here T_T

    spectre : no! they are going to judge from this post!

    M:D : 2-4 hours only? or do u mean 24 hours? hahahah.

    jim : hopefully la!

    theeggyolks : have to think of something different if i wanna win :p

    afra : hi! why la shy…….. now i’m shy!

    serge : gila!!!

    natalie : why never go? what work? :( i think you bring me luck! hahahahahaha.

    xiaopei : that’s like the minimal hours for us huh!

    najmie : thanks. hahaa my dress was 10% futuristic themed cause of the padding on my shoulder! ahahaha. and yea, hopefully we’ll win :3

    dylan : thanks!

    miss.cc : nice font yeah :) me too, depending on the work load and bored-ness ;p ;p

  7. M:D : i dont believe you T_T

    tianchad : hahaha okay! all the best for both of us :)

    soon seng : ARE YOU SURE!! dont lie okie. I’m going to get a lie detector already…

  8. I think you’ve interframe on one photo of mine in my future is event coverage blog post :)

    I should’ve a photo with you dowh hehe. What a cute girl you are.

  9. hey!! i’m like so damn slow to comment hehe.
    i love our pic with will! but i look so cacated in the other pic lah hahaha!
    anyway it was great meeting u again and hope we’ll meet again! :D

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