Getaway @ Royal Belum Resort, Pulau Banding

I’ve got something worth to blog about! :D And it’s about the getaway I just had last weekend with my smelly boy and his bunch of fun friends. Prior to the holidays, I actually haven’t heard anything about Pulau Banding before. It’s actually a place located in Gerik, Perak that took us approximately 6 hours to reach with car from Kuala Lumpur.

We started our journey at 7am on last Friday and reached the jetty around 2pm with a few stops for break and lunch in between. I was surprised as soon as we’ve reached the jetty… Royal Belum Resort is an awesome place! It’s design touch reminds us a lot of the nature chill we are missing. But we didn’t stay there. We proceeded to the houseboat we rented for 3d2n with a little boat. There was a total of 9 ladies, 7 guys, lotsa bags and even more snacks, water and instant noodles prepared for the trip. Not to forget a dozen of toilet rolls too. Everything prepared was for “just in case” :)

#01 This is the houseboat! Cool aint it! And we were wrong. We actually do not need those instant noodles because along with the houseboat, we were provided a captain, a chef and two crews on board with us, plus endless meals throughout the trip. And we admitted that the food was actually quite good too!

#02 Another angle of the boathouse. Btw, all pictures are taken from various source aka people from the trip. I took only a few and the rest are most probably from Sharon, Yvonne and Kevin. Credits to them :)

#03 There were a total of 4 rooms in the houseboat. A room with king sized bed plus toilet, a room with a queen sized and single bed, and another two rooms with two double deck beds. I took one of the double deck beds!

#04 Some programmes written by the crew on board.

#05 Us, checking out the boat. The boat was so cool it was a fully equipped kitchen and karaoke system on the first floor, and a rooftop with BBQ facility, all in the 3-storey boat! Rooms were located at the second floor.

#06 Meet Sharon, the girl who took all these pictures with fish-eye effect. And that’s me looking half awake because I was feeling really sleepy and I could barely open my eyes as the sun was shinning really fiercely.

#07 Sharon and Yvonne :) And you guys will see a lot of fresh faces in my blog entry today too!

#08 After exploring, the boat started it journey rom the jetty to the middle of the lake. We then, relaxed at the rooftop with snack and beers too. Did I forget to mention that the guys brought 2 boxes of beers along too? And mahjong too. Haha.

#09 There were comfy bean bags on the boat too!

#10 It took us another 2-3 hours before we reached the destination. It was in the middle of the lake with no other boats or people around. We felt like we own the whole lake! Haha. Guys started to fish too but the captain suggested to bring us out to fish for better chances! Only five of us headed out while the rest of them went for kayaking and swimming around the houseboat.

#11 It was my first time to fish after living for 24.5 years. And it was fun :)

#12 But ehhhh we didn’t manage to catch any fish because there weren’t a lot around.

#13 Random fish eye picture taken when we fished.

#14 We stayed out for about 2 hours before it started to rain and to feel really cold. We headed back to the houseboat for a clean-up then dinner, then a few rounds of mahjong before heading to bed.

During the 3d2n, electricity was cut off intentionally on every 12am-5.30am for eco purposes. First night was fine because it rained and the wind was chilly. I kinda regret for not bringing a sweater along actually. I never thought that the weather would be like this T_T

On the second day’s morning. We headed to fishing as soon as we woke up. Feeling really confident to get at least 1-2 fishes back that day.

#15 The yellow kayaks.

#16 We took the boat and went far far away from the houseboat.

#17 Smelly boy in pose #01

#18 Smelly boy in pose #02 lol

#19 The bait which I find really cute! Haha!

#20 Not to be surprised, we caught no fishes again. We headed back at 10am and continue fishing while waiting for te rest to get prepared before jungle trekking. And this is the only decent picture I took with my smelly boy during the trip. Pfft.

#21 Random picture #01 by Kevin

#22 Random picture #02 by Kevin

#23 We were supposed to the the boat to out jungle trekking destination but the guys came out with the idea to raft on the bamboo……

#24 They look really great in pictures but in reality, it sucks. I guess the guys felt really tired doing it. Hahaha.

#25 Kevin and Ray on the other side fell off their kayak on the way.

#26 The girls on the boat.


#28 The place was near, but the trekking part ate up a close-to-40 minutes walking journey before reaching to the waterfall.


#30 It wasn’t hard. It was instead, energizing! The air was so fresh and cool. The water was so clean and cold too!

#31 The only complete group photo of us at the waterfall.

#32 Just some of us..

#33 And us <3


#35 When we were required to return, the guys refused to raft anymore. Decision on tugging back was made and it was most probably the funniest thing happened during the trip. Because it wasn’t easy for the captain to control the boat with the bamboo tugging at the back and it wasn’t easy for the guys to balance themselves on the fast-moving tugged bamboo too.

#36 The girls laughed like mad and even recorded videos of the guys on their “stunt”. Lol

#37 You could barely see the bamboo already!

#38 After that we heading back for some other stuff then, BBQ party on the rooftop! We had so much food and we couldn’t finish them. So, we had games and loser had to finish ’em all. It was too fun to be written here! :D :D

That night, we stopped at a different spot of the lake and it didn’t rain and it was very stuffy and I couldn’t sleep as soon as they switched out the stuff on the boat. I then decided to pull smelly boy along to sleep on the benches located on the rooftop. It was way better than the room’s temperature. It was chilly and calming to sleeping in the middle of the lake, listening to the nature noises and seeing the full moon right above me before I fall asleep. Then again, I regretted for not bringing sweaters again. It was way too cold and I crawled back to the room after 4-5 hours on the rooftop.

#39 Did I mention that the biggest advantage of the trip yet? It’s the zero-connectivity to the outside world! No phones rang during the trip and no one was attached to them. Everyone was talking to everyone :))

On the last day, we guys went out to fish again while I stayed back for some mahjong games. Some went swimming again and some started off jumping into the lake from the rooftop. And that’s Kevin. Haha. Everything ended around 1 in the noon.

#40 We then headed back to the jetty where we came from, took the cars and left the place. Dropped by Ipoh for lunch too. Guess what? It then took us around 8-9 hours before reaching home. The jam was back all along the journey home. It was so uncomfortable cramping in the moving vehicle for such a long hour and I actually felt kinda sick the next day. I felt waves and dizzy the whole Monday T___T It was wobbly too. But it was still a very nice trip! :D I would recommend you for a try if you love nature and ave a bunch of fun guys around.

No, we did not finish the instant noodles but we left only with 2 rolls of tissue after the trip. Lol.

I can’t wait for the other trips already. I’ve got 2 more coming :D :D

9 thoughts on “Getaway @ Royal Belum Resort, Pulau Banding

  1. Wow! These reminded me of the boathouse in India jus that this is arhs..much more cooler! Haha thnks fr recommending!! Something diff from the usual norm

  2. Hey vvens! Make me so wanted to go after read ur blog about banding. I would like to know more about ur trip on this boathouse. May I know where u book for this trip? Thanks!!!

  3. hi there, enjoyed reading about your experience. would you be kind enough to help me with some information – how did you book this boathouse, is there a contact number and the location of it. would really appreciate your response, soonest. thank you.

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