Golden Disk Award 2013 @ Malaysia

What: Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur
When: 15 & 16 January 2013
Where: Sepang International Circuit

You guys must have already known about it! Pictures of the Hallyu idols have been flooding the blogs, Facebook’s news feeds, Twitters and Instagram right? Hahaha I’m gonna feed my blog with it too! All thanks to Ginny, I’ve got to join in the wave. Although I managed to attend the event only on the second day and missed out Super Junior’s performance, I’ve had fun! :D

I’ve gotten the rockpit’s tickets but lucky enough to be given a spot in a better section to view the event :D :D Here are just some of the many pictures I’ve managed to take last night!

#01 The awesome stage and lighting. And you know what else I love about yday? The weather! It wasn’t hot but it was windy instead. I saw a huge curvy rainbow in the sky too! :D

#02 Here comes the Hallyu stars, T-ara!

#03 One of the girls – Ahreum.

#04 Miss A!!!! My second time seeing them after MO.A and Suzy is really cute! :D

#05 They performed two of their hit songs – Touch and I Don’t Need A Man with their sexy moves :)

#06 B.A.P

#07 I’m actually not quite familiar with them but one of my classmates in Korean class is their hardcore fan! Hahaha! My teacher refers them as rice 밥 because their name, bap sounded like rice in Korean :p

#08 Then, there was Ailee. Pretty much like the Korean’s Beyonce.

#09 And SISTAR! I love their songss!!!

#10 And I’m so glad they performed one of my favourite songs, Alone.

#11 Now, f(x) and G-Dragon. SCREAM!!!! I didn’t manage to take much pictures of f(x) because it was a little challenging and I was looking at Sulli the whole time. How much cuter can she be!!! :D :D

#12 G-Dragon!!!!

#13 K.Will performing Please Don’t. I likey!!! And Ginny remarked that the song reminded her very much of Jay Chou. Hahahaha that is why I like it.



#16 I don’t think many of you will get bored of G-Dragon!

#17 And meet Lee Hi! She’s one really young and talented girl with a very powerful voice. She’s like Duffy + Adele! Love her vocalllllllll <3 <3 Not forgetting to praise SISTAR's Hyorin on her live performance too. I was enjoying so much that I didn't bother to take her picture during then.

#18 Someone that I’ve never heard of but was totally surprised by his live performance too – Huh Gak!

#19 Last but not least, some pictures of all the artistes dancing the ever-famous horse dance when “Gangnam Style” was announced the Song of the Year!

#20 See how humble Lee Hi and G-dragon’s horse dance moves are. Hahaha. And that’s one of Epik High’s member too.

#21 G-dragon trying to do the butt shaking move on stage.

#22 T-ara members were doing it too!

#23 And another picture of K.Will and Dasom :) :)

In case you are wondering, here’s the winners’ list of the award (extracted from Allkpop)

Day 01
▲ Disk Daesang
– Super Junior “Sexy Free & Single”

▲ Disk Bonsang
– 4minute
– B1A4
– B2ST
– SHINee
– Super Junior

▲ Rookie Award
– Juniel

▲ Best Dance Performance Award
– Trouble Maker

▲ Best Group Performance Award

▲ Next Generation Star Award
– BtoB

▲ MSN Southeast Asia Award
– Super Junior “Sexy Free & Single”

▲ Malaysia’s Most Favorite Star Award

▲ jTBC Best Artist Award
– B2ST

▲ Popularity Award
– SHINee

▲ Golden Disk Producer Award
– Han Sung Ho (FNC Entertainment)

Day 02
▲ Digital Daesang (Song of the Year!)
– Psy “Gangnam Style”

▲ Digital Bonsang
– 2NE1
– f(x)
– G-Dragon
– Huh Gak
– K.Will
– miss A
– Psy
– T-ara

▲ Rookie Award
– B.A.P
– Ailee
– Lee Hi

▲ CeCi Popularity Award
– G-Dragon

▲ Samsung Galaxy Star Award

▲ InStyle Fashionista Award
– Lee Hong Ki

▲ MSN International Award

▲ Best Hip Hop Star Award
– Epik High

▲ Best Single Album Award

Congratulations to all and I’m really glad that they’ve picked Malaysia as the venue for this round! I hope they will make more Kpop events here in Malaysia! :D :D

3 thoughts on “Golden Disk Award 2013 @ Malaysia

  1. I wish I was there because so many artists came together. The group named B.A.P. did 6 comebacks in one year alone, just so I know.

    Huh Gak comes from the same company as A Pink.

  2. biopolymath : wuuu! thanks for telling me :D i wished i could be there for day one too.

    helencc : haha! hope you enjoyed the read :D

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