Hello Kitty Go Around, Malaysia

Last week, I visited Hello Kitty Go Around expo with aunty Cindy, Pui Yeen, Eleen and her twins for The Childish Project! And… here comes the picture spam (and some short text of course!).

We got our tickets at RM45 each (inclusive of GST) at the earlier baby fair. And for each ticket, we are given two complimentary games’ token.

The giant bag!

Before we explore further in the expo, we pumped up the twins and aunties’ energy at the cafeteria where we had dello Kitty water (RM6), popcorn (RM9) and some pastries too.

Then I spotted this giant toy claw machine which is filled with Hello Kitty. DAMN CUTE OK! What’s even cuter? You get to go in the machine for pictures!!! :D This is probably my favourite photo spot. Teehee.

This is one of the game booths where you get to win prizes by tossing tokens. BUT! The token must never touch any black outline of the rainbows or bow. Super tough. My first toss landed on the red rainbow streak but the token’s side touched the outline T_______T It was so closeeeeeeee I got fed up and spend a few more game token at that booth but I won nothing. LOL.

There were quite a few game booths and we tried only half of them. Aunty Eleen managed to win a Hello Kitty plushie for her baby girl at the fishing booth! And that was our only win. Haha. Good enough.

Besides, there were also some merchandise booths, candy stores and bling bling workshop as well.

Going around the world backdrop.

Another game booth where we spent two game tokens to toss bean bags into the required spots. Little Eesa was paying full attention to the adults as we throw the bean bags. And honestly, I was quite attracted to the prizes. Popcorn Kitty!

We spotted a Kitty Temple too! We get to make wishes and write them on the wooden plates by paying with one game token too.

The BFF and I in couple wear. If you hadn’t noticed already LOL

Here’s a group photo taken by the crews right at the entrance but they are being sold at RM58 per piece. I couldn’t afford it so I took a picture of the photo. LOL.

Anyways, I ain’t a fan of Hello Kitty but I had fun! Don’t miss out the expo as it will opened till 19 January 2016 only. Check out their site HERE for more information! :)

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