HK Trip Day 01 – Mong Kok

Here you go. Here’s the Hong Kong post I’ve promised a few days ago :)

Hong Kong has always been one of the countries that I’ve always wanted to go. It wasn’t my first trip there in fact, I’ve been there more than a hand of fingers could count when I was much younger. I remembered none of the trips because I was too young. The only vacation in Hong Kong that I have in mind took place 11 years ago; during the last few days of 1999, entering 2000 with the rumours of millennium bug attacks.

I was so excited when I knew I could visit the country with my family again, 1-2 months back in time. It was the first time to travel with 10 other family members too! Being a grown up, the aunt and mum actually gave my cousin and I the responsibility of the trip’s itinerary. How much better could it be than to arrange on trips to places I like!

Why do I like Hong Kong so much even before I travel to the place? Even if I had no more vivid impressions on the country before? It was all because of the Hong Kong movies and TVB drama. I’m a total tv buff if you remember. I actually learned my quite-fluent Cantonese from these series too. How great would it be if I’m breathing the air the HK icons are and on the land they are in too.

I was feeling very much anticipated.

#01 Love the gradient of the sky and clouds <3

I departed from home on last Saturday, 4am with only 2 hours of sleep after attending Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards with the other bloggers. I wasn’t tired; I was excited! Excitement was still in me when I landed the country at 10am. Guess what? I stayed in the airport’s arrival hall for only an hour, waiting for the Singapore family members to arrive, and I’ve actually bumped into 3 Hong Kong actors and actress already. It’s like a bonus for a tv buff like me. No, I did not take any picture of or with them because I wasn’t quick enough to react to such a norm in Hong Kong.

Excitement was then reduced a bit at the moment I reached the place my mum rented for the family, in Mong Kok. I thought it was a guest house or a hostel but no, it was an office/a meeting place with 4 rooms instead. I had an instant jaw-dropped response. Same to the others. My mum thought it was a good idea because the eleven of us get to stay close to each other and that it was really cheap and convenient. I bought her idea but definitely not the bed I slept for 3 nights consecutively. It was no different from sleeping on a marble floor. Pfft big time. I can’t even sleep well on the first night but I guess my tired body got used to it on the following nights.

#02 Signboards of Mong Kok, like how we have been seeing them in the backgrounds of most of the modern tv series and movies. This is the exact view I had from the moment I stepped out from the building we stayed. And yes, the location was no doubt one of the best spots in the city. You can find almost anything there! Food, clothes, electronics, more food and tonnes people.

#03 I’m not even kidding about the crowd there. I was amazed by it on the first day, getting used to it on the second and got totally annoyed on the last few days. We can’t walk on the street of Mong Kok without being knocked or excused by rude manners of the locals. Seriously, I never imagined that the level of courtesy of Hong Kong people decreased so much. Seriously! We were indeed walking slower than the locals but I don’t think they should be reacting in such a manner.

It’s not fair for me to rate everyone in the country with the same level of politeness but at least most of the people I’ve encountered and met for the last weekend were rude. I said most; from people on the streets to cleaners and the worst are people who works in their local cafe/restaurants or  better known as “char chan teng”. Naive me, I thought these would only happen in dramas. Pfft pfft pfft.

They can actually brush the customers off when we asked what are they offering in their cafe by saying, “I seriously do not have energy to tell you what we have. Just look at the menu yourselves. Take it or leave it”. Argh!! And this is only one of the instances I’m giving. Why la like that T__________T I wished they were more friendly and the trip would be so much better and interesting.

Can I work with that attitude in Malaysia too so that I do not need to entertain people whenever I feel agitated?

#04 The friendly people of Malaysia and Singapore – Aunt Amy, me and cousin Elaine.

#05 Here’s something you should know too. Never take pictures of their stalls/people/products/whatsoever because you will be scolded, sometimes vulgarly. Really. It does happen when you asked them about the prices but ended up not buying as well. I heard of one the store keeper scolded a shopper “pokai” after the deal was off. Pfffffft scary shit.

By the way, various wigs are found in their night market – 女人街 Ladies’ Street. Interesting!

#06 These are the souvenirs sold, HK$10 for one. And I managed to press my shutter before I was “advised” by the store keeper.

#07 My little cousin, Kaiwen bought one and posed it for my camera :)

#08 Some of the family members I heart – Elaine, grandma, aunt Amy, uncle Eric and their little one, Kaiwen.

#09 The grandma who dots me a lot :) People say we look alike too! Do we? :)

Well besides the attitude of the people I met wasn’t pleasant, everything else were good. I love the weather there! It did not rain in any of the days I were day. It was about 14-17 degree Celsius and it was just nice, like an air-conditioned room. But I could not take it when the wind blows; it becomes terribly cold but I loved it!

#10 I love the food there too!!! All of us love them!!!! Almost everything is yummy there!!! :D :D That’s cousin Sean with his favourite fried chicken from Hot-Star 豪大大鸡排. You should try it when you spot the spot anywhere in Hong Kong or Singapore!

The shop beside selling local snacks is almost a must-try; 佳记小食. The shop sells all kinds of snacks like smelly tofu, curry fish balls, pork intestines and many more.

#11 I like curry fish balls. I buy them whenever I go to the night market in KL and of course, I must try out the Hong Kong ones too. Guess what? They tasted extremely different! Both are good but the HK ones have better textures to chew :)

#12 Another shop that you guys will fall in love instantly like us is definitely 许留山 Hui Lau Shan.

#13 They serve very very very very good mango drinks and desserts!!! <3 <3 <3 We have them almost everyday in Hong Kong and would love to still have it everyday! <3 <3

#14 What else are good? I noticed that there are actually a lot of Japanese cuisine around the area, behind the stalls of the Ladies Street but I never get to try them. We had our dinner in a dodgy looking wantan stall instead. I wouldn’t say that the food was great but the noodle texture was unbeatable and the wantans were rich with prawns plus fresh with pork. Maybe there isn’t any MSG added in the soup so it was just an okay. Hahaha but this bowl of noodle is not cheap. I cannot remember if it was RM20 or HK$20 per bowl already.

But if you asked, I wouldn’t go to the shop again because I’m sure there are better food that I prefer around :)

#15 So we spent our first day only in Mong Kok due to the limitation of time and the level of energy charged in everyone of us. It was tiring enough to shop among the crowd already; we all headed back to rest at 8pm. It was unbelievable early and I think I slept before 10pm that night too. We rest early and restore our hype and energy for the next day in Macau! I’ll then blog about the one-day trip in Macau, in the next post :) Hehe..

There won’t be any guide in travelling or anything because I dont think I’m good at it yet. I’m just blogging about my experience there! By the way, I’m just curious about your comments towards the people there? Is everyone there grumpy and impatient or I had no luck in meeting the friendly ones. Pfft. I thought I could make one or two friends over there. Pfft pfft.. The land of good looking guys….. That’s why :p

12 thoughts on “HK Trip Day 01 – Mong Kok

  1. Hey Vivien!

    I went to HK(my 3rd time) back in Sep this year and I was taken aback too! Previously when I went everything seemed okay (or maybe cos i was too young to notice anything?). I went to argyle center to look at contact lenses and the salesgirl gave me a brochure. I thanked her and walked away saying I’ll consider first. She was extremely unhappy and gossiped about me to her co-worker and glared at me even! How rude! A tip i found out: Try to not speak cantonese as they may think you’re a local (happened to me). If you speak English they tend to respect you more.

  2. Its confirmed hongkies are very rude…I have been there 3 times.. everytime also get scolded..
    ask whether the fruit milk is hot or cold also will get scolded..
    when u wan to order, u have t order fast fast or else will stare at you.
    eat also must eat fast fast…

    BUT I STILL LOVE HONGKONG… mayb too influenced by tvb dramas

  3. Just admit it, Malaysians like to do things slow, relax and steady…most probably influenced by the Malays

  4. Only people speaking with non hong kong accent Cantonese would be scolded. It is bad but it’s a fact. And mong kok is one of the lowest ends places in hk. Why did u pick MK?

  5. M:D : I tried speaking in three different languages actually. But its hard for them to understand me well whenever I speak English :(

    Yi Han : It was :)

    Sim : I think they are more of impatient. And yes, do not throw them a question without getting it else we will be scolded T_T

    Tzone : It’s not the race, it’s the lifestyle I would say..

    Thsi : My mum likes the place and its near her office :) Oh yea, there was once I totally spoke with their accent and when I turned my head around to my cousin with English, they were totally shocked. No scoldings received for asking and not buying for that case. LOL.

  6. Oh Vivien, feel so sorry about the people who treat u badly in Hong Kong….I live in Hong Kong and I don’t think we should treat it so unfriendly to any of our customer, especially people come from different countries…But i admit that most of the people in Mong Kok are so rush in doing everything, even walking on the street, and most of them who are working in restaurant or cafe /shop don’t even understand English well…unless they are very young..even the locals will scolded by them if we react slowly. However, not everyone like this, there are many people who are willing to help and maybe you didn’t meet them yet..

    We do educate people to be friendly and helpful to traveler and hope you will feel better next time, hehe…anyway, nice to meet u and I can help u as a guide when u come to HK next time.

  7. Hihi,
    may i know what are the shops in hong kong selling now? is it really all winter wear??? or there are summer clothings as well???

  8. Thsi : haha where are you located in HK?

    Shirley : haha yes, I do believe there are still patient Hong Kong people. I just need to be lucky to meet them :) and nice to meet you here too! if my mum’s business is a success, I think I will be travelling to Hong Kong soon, again!

    Michelle : Hi there! No, they don’t sell all winter clothes. You can find all varieties there! :)

  9. Yep. When I went last year, I had to walk slowly and was pretty much limping because I had blisters all over my feet due to HFMD. I kept receiving “TSK”s and rude glares, as if I was deliberately blocking their way!!!

    Rude people aside, I’m terrified of their sales people. A few years back, I wanted to purchase BASIC skincare – just cleanser, toner & moisturiser and the sales lady kept putting masks, serum and all sorts of other products at the counter together with my stuff without even asking my permission! As I was about to pay, she told me that I needed those products for my skin! I got so annoyed I walked out.

    They are nicer to you if you speak English, BUT they will also try to sell you SO MUCH MORE stuff because they know you’re a foreigner.

    Most of my friends here are Hongkie, so I have nothing against them at all but to be honest, I was extremely shocked and it wasn’t the best holiday experience I’ve had. Wouldn’t mind going again though. People in countries such as Thailand and Taiwan are so much more friendly =\

  10. Susan : HELLO <3 yah, I was kinda afraid of their sales person too. I wanted to throw the words back to them but I'm afraid they have gangsters helping them out like in the dramas would happen. LOL. and yes, people in Thailand and Taiwan are so much more friendly, generally. Even in Malaysia. Pfftt.

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