HK Trip Day 02 – Macau

I’m actually glad that you readers commented on my experience in Hong Kong, in the earlier post. The comments made me realised that I isn’t the only one encountering these in the same land. Lol. Anyways, here comes the second day’s post! Initially we were supposed to spend the day in Hong Kong’s Central but we reckoned that there will be swarms of humans there so we changed the plan. We visited Macau instead! :D

#01 To go to Macau, we took MTR (Mass Transit Railway) from Mong Kok to Sheung Wan and from Sheung Wan, we walked to the Macau Ferry Terminal. And that’s my younger brother, John who does not look like me or vice versa.

#02 There are various companies of ferries you can choose from with different services, timing and prices. We took Turbo Jet’s economic class and paid HK$160 for one way! You can also opt for the business class tickets of HK$360 per trip with more privileges of having the priority to get on and off from the boat and compliment food served to you too.

#03 My lovely grandma and my youngest aunt Amy.

During this trip, I also realised that Hong Kong does not have free Wi-Fi service everywhere like Kuala Lumpur does! I tried to locate for the service everywhere I go because I did not activate my data roaming. It’s gonna be expensive. Pfft. The place I stayed has no Wi-Fi. The McDonald located right beside the building has no Wi-Fi too. I can’t even tap the Wi-Fi in Starbucks!!! Ahhhhh. We were then led to no choice but to activate one of the phones data and Wi-Fi roaming but only limited in Hong Kong.

However, it’s funny when I can get connected in Macau, almost everywhere! I get to use free Wi-Fi in the ferry terminal, restaurants (I hit jackpot by guessing the password correctly! I’m such a bright kid! LOL), and even public gardens!!!

#04 Back to pictures. Above are the family members of the Malaysia team who were part of the holiday trip; brother, grandma and mum. It took us about an hour to reach Macau and I had sea sick on the way there. Pfft. Once we reached the Macau terminal, we were approached by taxi drivers with the offer of one-day trip packages. We agreed to one of them who offered HK$1300 for a whole day trip and a van as transportation for the eleven of us.

#05 The first stop he brought us to was a random coffee shop. We were all starving at the point of time, well, at least I was dead hungry after the dim sum breakfast we had 3 hours before this. We were told that pork burger was really famous in Macau so most of us ordered it. The rest made do with their local dishes. The pork burger was fine; not something impressive but the fried rices and drinks were all great! :D

#06 Next, we were brought to sight seeing. A place we had a clear view of the casinos and Zhuhai.


#08 And that KL Tower look alike building is actually the Macau Tower of 338 meters. One very special thing about the tower is that, it has bungy jump for you if you are interesting in! You can experience the skyjump from the tower of 233 meters above the earth. Each jump at ‘The World’s Highest Bungy Jump’ will cost you MOP$1,488 and that’s like RM600 T_______T

#09 The mum and brother posing in front of the casino buildings…. without me.

#10 Cousin Sean who tried to fit in Macau Tower in his hands but I failed a bit. It was too bright and I couldn’t see the tip of the building in the camera until it was uploaded to something with a bigger screen. Sorry!

#11 My grandma and her lovely grandchildren.

#12 The granddaughters with the absences of Tammie and Kahyee ;p

#13 나! 비비안이예요!

#14 Later, we were brought to a mini market place in Macau by the local driver. I can’t remember the name of the place but it is where the attraction of Macau, A-Ma temple was located. We did not enter the temple tho. We walked pass the street with lots of drawings on the wall spreading the love of cleanliness. I told the cousin to take pictures here but no one entertained me.

#15 Then the brother enter the frame and did this!

#16 Right at the end of the street, we saw a confectionery and it was crowded. We too, went in and joined the crowd to see if there is anything we can buy home as well. It was Pastelaria Koi Kei (钜记饼家). You can search about it in Google. It’s very well-known in Macau. I bought a lot of Egg Cookie and I’ve given and finished all up! :D The other ladies bought more than that and I sat around with the others while they shopped.

#17 I like this picture, I think they both look really cute here.

#18 A paparazzi shot of my mum and brother, walking out of the shop.

#19 They too, bought the very famous Portuguese Egg Tart! It was salivating by just smelling it!!!

#20 Visit the shop too if you happened to be in Macau! :)

#21 Our legs and shoes!

#22 And oh, right opposite the confectionery, you will see a few souvenir shops that you can visit too. I’ve bought a few of these chips as souvenirs.

#23 As we were walking back to the van, we spotted a traffic mirror at the corner of the street and we did such a silly thing. Hahaha we took a family portrait with it! After the picture, we joked about the white-hair uncle who appeared to be in the picture with us as our grandpa. LOL big time.

#24 The next destination was the very famous Calcasa De S. Paulo or better known as Dai Sam Pa where the icon wall is located there!

#25 And never did we expect that the place would be as crowded as Hong Konggggggggggggggggg! Gosh! It was so difficult to even take a picture decently without interruption, almost impossible! It was packed with tourists and locals!!

#26 The two of us. The weather in Macau was colder too.

#27 The females.

#28 I did not lie. Check out the crowd from this picture..

#29 And this…

#30 And this………….! It was kinda frustrated to walk and shop in the places. We walked only 1/3 of the street and headed back because we did not have much time either.

#31 It was already 6pm and here we are at the last destination of Macau, The Venetian! The largest casino on earth! Unfortunately we had only 40 minutes to spend in the casino before heading back to Hong Kong.

#32 The casino look so good inside out! Luxury, you spell it. You will see lots of branded and luxurious brands plus pretty lights and decorations around. Haha we did not shop but we went to have an eye-opening experience in the casino. It was my very first trip to a casino too! I’ve never been to any since I reached my legal age. Hahaha and the curious little blogger did gamble. I played the jackpot machine for 20 minutes, won only 1 round and lost for the rest. Hahahaha and I’ve contributed HK$200 + to the casino. Pfft.

#33 Lucky we had only 30 minutes allowed in the place else we will be spending losing more money! Haha. Above is a picture of another casino we passed by, Sands.

And as the time draws closer, we got really nervous to catch our boat back to Hong Kong. We thought we were late for it but instead, we were actually really early. The family members and I spent another 30 minutes while waiting for the boat to arrive by seeing pictures we took for the day via iPad. We have good laughs :)

It was very a heart-warming and heart-bonding trip :) We reached Hong Kong at night and had ourselves fed in a 24-hour restaurant with good food but lousy service as expected. I had the best fried rice and the best red bean ice ever! It mad me fall in love with Hong Kong’s red bean ice almost instantly and I ordered it every meal since then! HAHAHAHA. That is why I suffer during menstrual this month T_T

I like the my outfit of the day, the clothes but not the style I’m referring. I wanna thank Cindy for the trench coat and Elaine for the hat that traveled from Korean to Singapore, from Singapore to Malaysia, then to Hong Kong. Haha. I love my white long knitted top with mini hearts on it too. I bought it in Mong Kok on the previous day for HK$150! It’s so comfortable to be worn in winter like this!  :D

And guess where we went the next day? We visited Central and The Peak!! :D Stay tuned for the next post… Wee!

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