HK Trip Day 03 – TST & Central

Here’s the last post for my Hong Kong trip already! It will end on the third day of my vacation because I took no pictures on the fourth day, which was actually the last day. I focused much on shopping only! ;p After Macau, we planned for a different place to visit the next day. We went to 尖沙咀 Tsim Sha Tsui which is also known as TST in the morning and 中環 Central in the evening.

And the afirst destination in TST is the place I’ve always wanted to visit since long time, 星光大道 The Avenue of Stars. It’s not a mall neither a gallery of stars. It’s actually a Hollywood Walk of Fame alike located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in TST.

#01 Cousin Elaine and I, 9 in the morning of Hong Kong.

#02 The very famous view of Hong Kong that worth a million! I have always wanted to view it from my own eyes while I’m standing on the land during the night but our schedule didn’t really allow us so. I had the day view instead.

#03 Random boat. And yea, this is the Victoria Harbour waterfront.

#04 Avenue of stars in a glance. We didn’t take any pictures of ourselves with the statues or anything because we dropped by the place for only awhile as we were really hungry and the sun was really glaring and not welcoming.

#05 So, we headed for a local restaurant for breakfast right after the short trip in the same area too. We had it at 翠華餐廳 Tsui Wah Restaurant. I loved the food in the restaurant and I have been craving for it so much even if I’ve left Hong Kong. They had the best breakfast set ever!!!

Above is the beef noodle cousin Elaine ordered.

#06 This was mine. IT WAS THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER! Macaroni with abalone and ham. It didn’t look as good as it taste tho! Haha.

#07 We ordered they specialty food too – 奶油猪 Milk Butter Piggy Bun! It cost us around HK$9 for a pair of these bun, for breakfast. They tasted so good that we ordered another pair and even more pairs during the night! Must eat!!!

#08 After breakfast, we headed to a mall opposite the restaurant, K11 and started our shopping trip in Tsim Sha Tsui. Elaine, Uncle Eric, grandma and Aunt Amy are the people I heart in the picture above.

#09 The Tng family <3

#10 Me, my mama and my youngest aunt. Do we look alike?

#11 As we shopped along in Tsim Sha Tsui, we had snacks. This is one of the must tries whenever you visit Hong Kong – 鸡蛋仔 Egg Waffle. They come in a lot of flavours but we tried only the original and the chocolate. They taste quite similar to our local kaya balls but the egg waffles are better :)

At the same place and same time, we actually bumped into the TVB production team who were preparing for filming! We saw many trucks and vans for the shoot but we saw no sign on any actor or actresses. I think they were still setting up the place and the actors and actresses are not in que yet. We did not wait for them although we wanted to see who are the TVB people to appear.

We shopped a lot in Tsim Sha Tsui as there were a lot of shop lots to be explored. And we shopped for almost 3-4 hours in the area itself. We bought a lot of stuffs too. And as we walked to the last street of the shopping area, we found their Korean street accidentally. The Korean street was so cool. There were Korean restaurants, shops and markets just like in Ampang here!

After Tsim Sha Tsui, we headed to our next destination – Central! To go to Central from the area, you can take MRT instead of taxi during the evening because taxi drivers have to change their shifts during that hour and they won’t be picking and sending you across the sea!!! We were rejected by so many of them. We wanted only on cab to accommodate my grandma who couldn’t walk as much as us. We ALL ended up taking the MRT that took us less than 30 minutes to reach Central.

However, it took us another 30 minutes of walking up the slanting roads up to the tram station. It was tiring much!!! It was even tiring to see the crowd right before us too! T_T We have to queue again to visit Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum at The Peak.

#12 The tram!!! The tram that we waited for another 40 minutes because there were just too many people going up to The Peak. As soon as we reached the destination point, we headed to the wax museum that we all have be anticipating for!

#13 The first wax statue, the one being displayed outside the museum was Bruce Lee! Haha.

#14 Jay Chou!!!! But the wax actually didn’t look very similar to him in person or to the Jay Chou we have been seeing in videos or papers. The statue was placed in a very lonely corner that time and we didn’t noticed it too! T_T

#15 But it doesnt really matter because it is the statue of my idol. I just have to take more pictures with him. Hahahahaha.

#16 My mum and local Dato’ Michelle Yeoh :) This is one very alike statue!

#17 The ladies and Andy Lau. I have nothing to comment on their actions. Lol. Seriously, I don’t know why but I’m actually afraid to go near the statues. I can’t even do what they did above, even to Jay Chou T_T I don’t know what was wrong with me. I was scared.

#18 The boys and their heng dai.

#19 With superstar Aaron Kwok. Hahaha Cousin Sean did the furious and signature action from Running Man – chin grabbing! Lol.

#20 I can haz shining and fair skin like the Cullen! Hahahaha.

#21 Hahahaha a funny selca with Jet Li.

#22 My grandma dislike taking picture but she did not reject or hesitate when we asked her for this picture. Maybe she gets to sit! Lol.

#23 Uncle Wee, cousin Elaine and their former Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew.

#24 The boys and the genius.

#25 Spiderman to the rescue!!! Argh!!!!

#26 Cousin Kaiwen and Ip Man.

#27 Playing prank with Captain Jack Sparrow.

#28 With the superstars, Lady GaGa and Madonna.

#29 More statues – Mum and Anita Mui. Grandma, and I with Teresa Teng. I’m curious. Why don’t they have Jacky Cheung’s statues when there’s Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai in the museum. There are so many more famous stars unseen in the museum!!!

After the tour in the museum, we headed up to the Sky Terrace for the ever-beautiful night view in Hong Kong from the top!!! And if you didn’t know, the weather was super chilling and super challenging for me who wore a piece of thin dress, cardigan and only a scarf. I did not have any other outfit for that day. The wind was so strong that all my other family members had to wear on their winter wears. All zipped up with the hoodies on but I could make it with what I had on earlier. I thought it was fun!!!

But actually I couldn’t feel my cheeks anymore.

#30 A failed bokeh. Lol

#31 Still a failed scenery shot. I wasn’t easy for me to snap a nice one. Don’t know why T_T

#32 <3 Purple sky!

#33 Sisters at the terrace..

#34 Cousins at the terrace <3

#35 Tng family at the terrace.

See! They were all wearing so thick! I really did not feel anything when I was at the terrace, not until when I return indoor. I totally went frozen. I thought it was much cooler in the building. Haha. It was worst when we were queuing for the tram to go back!! It was so cool I had to ask the brother for his wind breaker. But it was very fun because I don’t usually get to enjoy in such weather <3 We then spend the whole next day in Mong Kok before leaving the country. No pictures were taken because I focused on shopping :) Spent all my money on the last day itself by buying a couples of clothes in H&M, lots of tit-bits and chocolates, magazines and lots of cute stuffs like camera straps and more! :D Good buys! It was quite a lovely holiday, getting to spend time together with the whole family in a good weather despite the attitude of the people. So anyways, I dont think I will be returning to the country for holidays in a short period unless it is for business purposes or if it was a complimentary one. I am looking forward for my next complimentary trip to Krabi Island. Weee! It's just next week!!! :D What can I do there and what should I bring? Anyone have any tips and useful guide? :D :D

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