Hua Hin Hills Vineyard & Cicada Market @ Hua Hin, Thailand

If you are stepping foot in Hua Hin and if you love drinking wine, this is the place you should visit! Hua Hin Hills Vineyard is 40 kilometers due west from Hua Hin, along a country road that winds through pineapple plantations and quintessential Thai farming villages. But.. I have no idea how long did we travel from Sam Phan Nam Floating Market to the vineyard because I fell asleep during the car journey.

Like the previous days, we chartered the taxi service for two from the Royal Pavilion Hotel.

Before the visit, I’ve read a lot of reviews and I was looking forward to their jeep tour and elephant rides but we missed the timings. Also, on the day when we travelled to the vineyard, the weather was really really hot and we could barely do anything T_T So we just spent some time chilling at the restaurant, had a good tea time and a wine tasting session.

The wine tasting was not expensive at all! It comes with a set of three flavours but I’m not a wine person so I ordered a glass of grape juice! Hehe.

After the brunch, we took a stroll at the vineyard. And it was madness! The sun was mad hot~ And it didn’t take us very long to change our minds. Hahaha.

The weather in Hua Hin was really very hot and I had to shower 3 times a day to keep myself cool. And it makes me really lazy to go out.. Lucky for us, we do not have a tight itinerary to follow as I wanted everything to be relaxing. After the morning tour to the floating market and vineyard, we stopped by a Hua Hin Market Village for shopping and for another round of tea time.

This is what you will see at the entrance of the mall!

There wasn’t anything much about the mall. Just like a typical one, it has a lot of restaurants (Japanese ones!), clothing stores, gadgets and a food court too! You can spend a couple hours of there to avoid the heat outside. Lol.

Our day was empty until the sun went down. We hit to Cicada Market, the last location of our Hua Hin trip! I really like the market because it was very happening and hippy. It felt like everyone in Hua Hin was there :)

We started off shopping before settling for dinner and the things there are all so cute! I want to bring everything home but I had Bangkok trip ahead T______T Damn..

I saw really cute food-pillow that I wanna bring home too but but but I really couldn’t and I thought I could get them in Bangkok too. I didn’t (SOBS)!!! Can’t even take pictures of it. I want to take so many pictures of the cute stuff I saw but most of the stalls has the “No Photo” signs. Only cute stuff are worth buying there, not the clothes. Clothes are not cheap at the market.

Dinner time next!

Eating here is like eating in Canteen’s Day! Hahaha it reminded me so much of school days because we had to purchase the coupons in order to buy the meals. And the food selection was hugeeeeeeee (they are not cheap too, lol). Fried rice, steak, tomyam, snacks, seafood and the list goes on and on.

Us, we got ourselves fried rice, mango and sticky rice plus some local pancakes!

After meal, we went to the entrance and witness some animal’s live show! It was so adorable and I like that most of their places are pets friendly <3 If you are looking for Thai massage services, you may walk around the market and you will be able to spot a number of them! We had awesome foot massage at a nearby place after a long long day and it felt really nice after that. And that was a wrap for our Hua Hin trip. Bangkok is up next!

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