Birthday Getaway at Bali, Day 1&2

I’m now officially 25! Haha however, I still haven’t get the feel of if because I haven’t celebrated my birthday party with my girls yet. It will be a few more days to go until Carmen is back from Adelaide! Meanwhile, my smelly boy decided on an impromptu birthday getaway to Bali, Indonesia. It was only an 3D2N trip but it was a fun one and it indeed opened up my eyes. Hehehe it was actually my first time stepping down in Indonesia too.

Here’s the post of day two because day one was basically us settling down and chilling in Kuta before we start the official holiday at a superb villa! :D We started off the day by strolling around Kuta for food and massages before the villa transfer during the noon.

That was when I discovered this awesome drink, Teh Botol! It was just like teh o ice in Malaysia :)

New face in my blog! Meet Tammy :) I need to thank her for some of the pictures taken by her and used here too! And this was us during our visit at Pura Luhur Uluwatu. And to reach the place, we took a taxi from Kuta. If I’m not mistaken, it costed us only Rp 350,000 (approximately RM100) for two taxis back and fro as there were 11 of us in total.

Upon arrival, we guide paid for the entry fee and we received a bright purple sarong to wear. If you have your own shawl or sarongs, you can wear them too. Better yet, come with some bottoms that covers up till your knees. Then, you will only be provided a yellow cloth belt to wear on instead of the purple sarong.

And there were monkeys and monkeys everywhere. They rob. So if you are heading to the temple, please go without loose items on you such us hats and sunglasses. Don’t even think of taking your mobile phones out because I, myself witness a daylight monkey robbery. Hahaha. That monkey actually snatched a Blackberry from a Chinese girl from another group of tourist. That monkey refused to return it even tho the tour guide offered it some bananas. Smart.

It was a short walk from the car park to the temple and we first went to the cliff. Wow! the view was magnificent. The ocean was really blue and the waves crashing into the rocks made some white bubbly emulsion and we managed to see from rainbow produce magically by the sunlight and waves. The sky was really clear and it was blazing hot too. I almost died of heat stroke.

See how fascinating is the view of the cliff! And look at that monkey and its hairstyle. That punk. Haha. Here at this spot, we started to take lots of pictures because it was simply irresistible. We were practically having our eyes fighting with the sunlight but I am very happy with the pictures’ outcome. Just look at the colour of them!

Everywhere in Bali, you get to see bunga melur. I call them the free hair accessories. I could just simply pick them up from the ground and beautiful myself….. and maybe my boyfriend too. Hahahaha. That’s also the time when we all realised my boyfriend can be very adorable too. Hahaha!

Then here’s a group picture of us before leaving the temple for the villa check-in. Prior to the arrival, I was briefed by its awesomeness and luxury but I barely could imagine it until I see it. But it took us awhile. It took us about 2 hours to get to the villa – Arsana Estate Villa which is located at Canggu. The place was indeed awesome and perhaps far way better than what I’ve imagined. It was so beautiful and serene. Definitely a recommended place to chill out with a bunch of 12 (because it is expensive too and 12 is the limit they give). They served only one group of guest at a time and hence, we owned the villa all to ourselves for that week.

But the journey to the villa can be bad if the driver is not familiar with the place. We went thru a tough way, all bumpy and sneaky because it was also the driver’s first time. Hmmmn.

The villa does not only have beautifully decorated rooms of five with super romantic bathrooms, it too has a large dining area, kitchen, pool, game room, media room, and chill-out area. And during your stay, there will be helpers around the villa to serve you too! Shall you need taxi service, you can rent their vans or scooter as well because it is impossible to fetch a taxi from the villa.

After that, four out of the eleven headed to Tanah Lot. It took us a comfortable 40 minutes with the in-house driver to reach the place. It is a rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali and also home of a pilgrimage temple filled with their locals and tourists. There’s also a distance of walking from the entrance to the temple but it will not bore you because there are a lot of Balinese souvenir stalls and restaurant to shop and dine in during the whole walking journey!

Did I mention that Tanah Lot is also a great place to be for sunset? Yes, we were there just in time for it too. However, we did not manage to visit the temple because we weren’t able to walk across the shore due to the ocean tide.

Productive day isn’t it? We headed back to the villa next and had a great seafood dinner at Echo Beach Cafe. Then at sharp 12am, the guys surprised me with a birthday cake :D :D :D It was a simple one to end the day. I’m feeling so grateful for my boyfriend to plan all these. Hehehe.

Up in the next post, I will blog about what I did on my actual birthday at Bali with more travel pictures. If you noticed, I’ve changed a little bit on my blogging format – I’ve removed the picture numbers and the captions I used to do. I wish to rant a little with lotsa image sharing now. I just enjoy taking pictures and being touristy when out of town. And most importantly, I’ve fixed my OCD for the vertical photos!!!!! :D :D

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