Jay Chou Opus 12 Tracklist & Album Review

JAY CHOU IS BACK… with his 12th album, 十二新作 (which means 12 brands new productions, literally)! You guys must have already knew since I have been spamming my blog with a lot of his new songs and music videos recently ;p

The fans, us, we have waited long time for his new comeback ever since rumours rose up last November. He has gotten a lot of attention due to his new look – blonde and chocolate abs! A lot criticized that he tried to much to look young and look like the Korean idols and some even talked about his wardrobe malfunction but it doesnt matter to me (although I didn’t really like his blonde hair. It makes him look dull) because the chocolate abs win it all! LOL.

I was half kidding. Haha. It doesnt really matter to me because it just doesn’t. I was looking forward more to his new songs. I want all those old-emo-Jay Chou-style kinda songs actually. Those are classic. And he did it! He made it with his latest 明明就 <3

周杰倫 十二新作 Opus 12 album cover! Here are the tracklist and song briefs as below;

1. 四季列車 Train Of The Four Seasons
As usual, he always have that one fast-track song that anyone can hardly sing in the karaoke. This should be it. The title gave me an impression of a soft and romantic rhythm but trust me, it’s not. The music reminded me of some tv drama’s background music during suspend scenes too. But when I took some time to glance through the lyrics, they are actually quite like my first impression. It talks about a journey of getting close to someone and how that someone leaves him, quite poetically. I’m rating 5/10 for this.

2. 手語 Sign Language
I like the first sentence of the lyrics – 看着你我开不了口!Hahaha and the intro music after the piano reminded me of his previous work, 超跑女神 Racing Goddess. This song practically talks about how he could not even describe the girl he likes with sign language. And how the girl couldn’t understand his sign language in courting her :) Probably a 5.5/10 cause I dont really like such a sweet song. Hahahahaha. I prefer emo.

3. 公公偏頭痛 Eunuch with Headache
I definitely like this song even if it doesn’t relate to relationships or anything close to the urban lifestyle. Hahaha. It’s a cheeky song that sings about a hardship of a scholar in the palace with a lot of badass people around. It has really interesting and catchy music arrangement in this song :) The music video is a hilarious one too. It’s comical and nonsensical and it’s cute! Love those dance moves. Lol. 8/10 I give it!

4. 明明就 Obviously
The best track of the album <3 <3 This emo songs is written to someone who did not or who couldn't make up her mind in accepting his love. Someone who is happier being with another person which led him to make a back step out of the relationship. 9/10!!! 5. 傻笑 (Duet with Cindy Yuen) Smile
Not my type of song actually. And the story I figured through the song is that they both like each other but the guy expressed it later than someone else hence they ended up by just being friends only. Even though they think they fit each other the best, they just want to be friends and and not hurt their friendship T_T Nevermind, 5/10.

6. 比較大的大提琴 (Featuring Lara and Gary) A Larger Cello
This is another fun and cheeky song that sings more like his feeling. I’ve translated it earlier, maybe you can get a better picture from there. It resembles a lot like his previous songs too. 7/10 for this!

7. 愛你沒差 Love You, No Matter What
Another emo song that doesn’t have a really slow and emo music. The music is quite similar to the arrangements on the other songs which somehow made it quite common in this album.. Brrr. He sings to someone that no longer loves him but it makes no difference for him to keep loving her. He just won’t give up in getting her back, no matter how much it takes him. He is determined to get her back and walk through the indifference of their love/time. 7/10 for this too.

8. 紅塵客棧 Red Dust Inn
The first song premiered for this album but it might probably be the last song that I’ll translate because the language use is tooooo deep and poetically. Hahaha I’m giving it a 7/10 for the song, Chinese-style and his voice :)

9. 夢想啟動 Dream Initiated
Not quite my type. I didn’t like the title even though it sounds very positive and encouraging. This song is about how someone should make a breakthrough and fight against all obstacle to achieve your dreams. Even if you fail, try till you succeed. 5/10 rating.

10.大笨鐘 Big Ben
A cute song made when he had a small argument with his love one. It was how they fought, how one got lost, how another try hard not to contact each other, how they denied loving each other, how they miss each other and how they concealed at the end :) 6.5/10 for the light mood song!

11. 哪裡都是你 You Are Everywhere
Also an emo song on how he went through the process of getting her out of his mind but it didn’t work because she appears everywhere. I like how sad his voice sounded like. Another 7/10 that touches my heart!

12.烏克麗麗 Ukulele
And so, ukulele is an instrument. I thought it was name of a place ;p This is a very hawaii-beach-vacation kinda song which sings about a sweet and cute girl while they were by the beach. Haha I’m quite looking forward to the production of this music video. All I could relate to are scenes of Lilo & Stich! Hahahaha. Anyway, 5/10 for this new style of song :) Weee!

#01 You see! My Opus 12! I’ve just gotten the fresh-from-oven album, all the way from Taiwan!

#02 The album in original colours. Hahaha this whole album packaging actually reminds me of Twilight’s book series a lot. Haha. To be honest, I didn’t like the size and thickness of the album. This Jay Chou has been doing and making a lot of odd size album sets which gave me problems in keeping them in order. Grrrr. My shelf cannot fit these bulky ones! I still prefer those standard sized albums actually. They can be kept more organisedly, you see.

#03 Anyways, the album does not only come with a CD of 12 songs, but also a DVD that comprises 3 music videos of track 3, 8 and 10.

#04 There are postcards in the album set too!!! He always like to include postcards and out of all, this is definitely my favourite. Lol.

#05 Also, a pair of chopsticks too if you are getting Version B. Version A is the uber expensive USB edition while the Version C comes with a non-woven bag instead of the chopstick, without postcards for the same price. I’ve got mine for RM90 inclusive of postage from Taiwan.

Alright. These songs will be on the loop for sure! On my iTunes, car and iPod. Hahahaha. My overall biased rating for this album? 7/10 :)

By the way, have I showed you guys some souvenirs my cousin got my from Taiwan few months back? Here they are;

iPhone 4 case from Mr.J Italian restaurant and Green Hornet’s Kato edition of Be@rbrick! <3 <3 I'm so loved!

8 thoughts on “Jay Chou Opus 12 Tracklist & Album Review

  1. haha overall for this album is quite nice!just like..JAY IS BACK LOL!since everyone said he changed alot and they felt disappointed for his previous album!haha
    I like Big Ben sooo sooo much!i think 手語 is nice also!hehe
    Ukulele very cute make me think of 療傷燒肉粽。The rhythm is mainly same!hehe

  2. appleqi : hahaha i know right! i prefer this album than to the previous one!

    vabbian : glad you like it! remember to support the original albums too! :D :D

  3. raymond : i did! but i’ve forgotten to reply over there. request on the hypy? i’m actually not quite good doing that! i’m doing based on my own understanding only.

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