Jom GST (Go Sekinchan Together)!

Last weekend, my colleagues and I had a 2D1N trip to Sekinchan for its signature scenery and the yummy seafood. We planned it long enough before we kick started the trip with 11 adults and 2 infants. And we were lucky enough to be granted with the perfect weather too :)

Here are the faces of car number three’s driver and passengers!

Note: pictures in this blog post is a compilation of pictures taken with GoPro, Canon 600D and Canon 70D.

It took us approximately 1.5 hours from Kuala Lumpur to the getaway destination with the help of Google Maps, led by Advan. As scheduled, we headed off to the first stop – Restaurant Jiann Chyi for seafood lunch and getting to try their signature dish, Shark Porridge.

We spent only RM180 for 7 dishes and managed to feed 11 hungry adults. After meal, we set of the the paddy fields! We were kinda late to witness the gold field season as it is now the harvesting season but we get to see these hay rolls around.

The view is so pretty that we could not stop taking pictures. Weather was perfect too!

Honestly, it wasn’t an easy job to climb up the rolls of hays. Jumped up a few times and had ourselves covered with mud and dried hays. And later the night, I realised that I’ve got numerous hairlines’ cut all over my legs and thighs. The aftermath of climbing up the hays with shorts on. Brrr. But it was worth it. The climb and cut were worth it because the pictures were great! Hahaha. Then, we moved on to the paddy gallery and the popular mango king stall that every blog is featuring!

Indeed, various of mangoes type could be found there. There were other fruits and lotsa of crackers and noodles as well. It was almost 5pm when we were done with the fruit shopping. Along the way to the dinner place, we passed by the ONLY gold field left at Sekinchan, stopped and snapped away! There are so many pictures but I could only share a few here.

All of us in a frame! It was so sunny that I could not open my eyes for this picture.

Later, we headed to the famous wishing tree and Redang beach for kite flying and bubble playing.

We spent a good one hour there before moving on to the next seafood dinner! Ahhhh it was already so tiring at the point of time and I stopped taking pictures until the next day. Then, we spent the rest of our after-dinner hours in the apartment, playing games and making fun of each other like there’s no tomorrow. And I’m sure those memories will be embedded to my mind for more than awhile now.

I took only one picture, which is the group picture above! Hahaha. This was taken at the garden of the apartment we rented. Loved it and I would recommend it to big travelling group of 10 or so! Google up Pearl Rice Garden at Sekinchan :)

Overall it was a really fun trip with the gang and it was also known as my farewell trip. Well, yes… I’ve resigned and I will be leaving this company I’ve worked for the past close-to 6 years, in less than 2 weeks. I doubt I will be missing the work here but it is for sure that I will be missing my colleagues here! What’s ahead me? I’ll take some time off from work first. I’ll be heading off for a self-rewarding-getaway for working my ass off for the past years before starting my next journey.

Meanwhile, you can follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (@vvens) for the dailies. Till then!

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