LED Rose Garden @ Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul

If you are planning to visit Seoul, South Korea some time soon… please do not miss out this breathe-taking exhibition!

Located next to the Yigansumun Exhibition Hall at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a total of 25,550 electronic roses are spread out over quite a distance signifying the 70th year anniversary of Gwangbok-Jeol, Korea’s of Independence Day. So if you do a simple calculation, 365 multiplied by 70 equals 25,550!

Isn’t this one of the most beautiful sights ever? And these were taken before the sunset, approximately around 6pm. I’ve been seeing posts about this exhibition plastered on my Facebook newsfeeds and feeling really stoked when I finally get to visit it.

And oh, I did something really embarrassing at the exhibition too. If you did watch the K-drama “Producers”, I’m sure you have come across a scene where Kim Soo Hyun bought a stalk of LED rose from the exhibition for his noona-crush. Silly me thought it was real and went all over the places to look for that store. Please do not repeat my mistake. It was not true. The LED roses are not for sale T____T

I actually asked the ladies at the information counter if I could buy the LED rose and all she replied was, “I’m sorry but the roses are not for sale. Did you watch it from a drama?”

Instant embarrassment. GAHHHHH T_T

Okay, moving on with a few shoots taken as soon as the LED roses were lit…

And when the sky turns dark :)

LOL I attempted a selfie with the view but I failed miserably. And hey, taking selfies at any corner of Seoul seems really normal. Nobody will judge so I was trying to blend in but I’m still too shy for public selfies.

This exhibition will be available at DDP until 29 February 2016. I personally think that both day and night views are equally pretty but if you wish to witness the night view, I would suggest that you visit them at 8pm. The lights will be switched on at 7pm, daily but the sky will only darken for the lights an hour later. However, the lights will not be switched on for safety purposes if it rains or snow heavily.

How to get there? Take the Seoul subway on line 2, 4 or 5 and get off at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park station exit 1. You will be directly headed to DDP and walk out to an open area next to Yigansumun Exhibition Hall for the LED rose garden. Besides this, there are also a few market places in the venue where you can shop for artsy stuff. You might also get to find other interesting exhibitions on-going in other halls of DDP.

During my third visit to DDP, Cindy and I decided to visit Andy Warhol’s live exhibition too, while waiting for the sun to set because we were there too early for the night view :)

“Hi, can I BEEF your friends because I like you VEGE much. Is that TOMATO ask?”

It was an eye-opening exhibition but unfortunately pictures are not allowed. So that’s all I can share about it :)

6 thoughts on “LED Rose Garden @ Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul

  1. Is the entrance free? Where was the LED rose garden located? I went DDP before but I can’t find these roses ㅠㅠ

  2. Hey Joey, there is no need to pay for entrance fee because this exhibition is located at an open area outside the exhibition halls of DDP. Did you miss it? :(

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