LINE Friends Store & Cafe @ Sinsa-dong, Seoul

Hello readers!

I’m back from a two-month working trip in Seoul and that was clearly the main reason behind this abandoned blog. Lol. I’m gonna start to blog about worthy places and things I’ve discovered during these 2 months. And one of my most frequently visited place is no other than LINE Friends Store & Cafe, located at Sinsa-dong, Seoul.

How to get there? Take the subway on line 2 (green) and alight at Sinsa Station. Take exit 8 and walk straight towards Garosugil street. Turn left at It’s Skin to find yourself at Garosugil Street. Continue to walk straight for about a couple of minutes and you will find the store on your left with a giant Brown awaiting for your arrival.

Unlike any other stores, it is really really really OK to take photos in the store and visitors actually queue up to take a picture with this signature Brown figure :D

Once the picture is taken, the shopping adventure starts. They have got almost everything you can think of… Plush toys, notebooks, keychains, stickers, food containers, mugs, plasters, magnets, stationaries, bags, hair accessories, phone cases and etc.

The wall of Browns!!!! :D

These were all located at the ground floor. They even have a LINE fashion store on the first floor and a cafe at the basement (my favourite!)

Before I headed to the cafe section, there are actually more to see. Things available at the basement are kitchenware, bed linens, more plush toys (why not?), and packaged food.

Did I mention how did they dolled up the whole place with their popular characters? They are literally everywhere. I can’t imagine how an actual LINE fan will feel. Yupe, I’ve got a confession to make. I’m not a LINE user nor a fan but… I just can’t help to swoon over the merchandizes and f&b at their store T__T


For the times I’ve been there, items I bought are a Brown pillow, a mini notebook, steel badges, iPhone case, popcorn (with a really nice Campbell-inspired packaging) and lotsa food……. Damn. I wanted a plush toy too but my luggage bag couldn’t afford to house anything big like that. Sigh.

Okay, moving on to the menu in their cafe. I should have taken a picture of their menu board but I was very very distracted by the real items displayed in the fridge. Sorry. Let me try listing them down with my photographic memory. Lol. There are cakes, swiss rolls, tiramisu, macaroon, brownies, ice cream, various selection of coffee, hot and cold drinks. Okay, not helping. I know.

Pretty dummy ice creams and…. real ice cream (below for comparison!!!).

The real deal looks better for the first time in my life. Hahaha before this, dummy ones were always illustrated better. And in case you doubt on the ownership of these pictures, let me show you my face again. Hahaha.

Iced Americano and hot honey ginger drink. They have super cute drink covers too!!!

So tell me, how can one not fall in love with this store? Hahaha. I wouldn’t mind going back there for the ice cream again <3 <3 <3 Who's with me?

6 thoughts on “LINE Friends Store & Cafe @ Sinsa-dong, Seoul

  1. Hello Su Ning! :) The popcorn cost KRW6,900 but I’m unsure of the plush toys as different designs are priced differently. Sorry!

  2. Heyy vvens, do you plan to blog about your 2-months working experience in Korea? Did you go through the work-travel program? Or is this solely from your Co in Malaysia? ><

  3. Hi Emily! I don’t intend to because it’s not a work-travel programme. I just happen to have found a local company there to work in :)

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