Logging in Lombok Part 1

I’m speeding up in updating my blog and I’m gonna catch up with the latest ones, like really soon! Now, let me story you guys about my Lombok trip, taken place in last March. After Bali, this was my second visit to the neighbour country, Indonesia.

Before the trip, I’ve seen so much about Lombok on the internet and I remember drooling over the beaches’ images. Damn. But one thing that I did not expect was the traveling durations. It killed me.

So, we started off by heading to Gili Trawangan, one of the small islands located just off the northwest coast of Lombok. By a private boat from the terminal, it took us less than 30 minutes to reach the island. And it was surely a super happening island on that particular day because it was Nyepi – the day of silence in Bali. So, people left Bali and headed to Gili instead – for parties and what not.

We were greeted with super pretty beaches and clear seas as soon as we reached the island. And lucky enough, the guesthouse we got ourselves for that night was smacked right in front of the drop-off port. It was Le Petit Gili. It was small and cozy but a little stuffy. Also, we had very limited water source due to the high capacity of guests and people on the island that night. We had difficulties but we survived it. Haha.

After checking in, we headed to the guesthouse’s cafe straight for our first meal. I opted for Indo Mee and I loved it. I enjoyed their Jus Jeruk too. That would be our orange juice :) What’s after meal? Desserts!

Later, we walked to the beach and chilled for awhile before we decided to get a bicycle each, to tour around the entire island. Wow. It was tiring and kinda scary for me because my bicycle… didn’t have a brake. And I am not good in cycling T__T

Glad that I didn’t die bumping into the horse carts and still had the chance to enjoy the view around us. It was adorable.

I don’t remember how long did we cycle exactly. How far did we really went before ending up at the back lanes of the island, witnessing the differences of the locals who stayed way humbled comparing to the tourists who were partying hard, at the front part of the island located along the beach. It was as though we’ve entered a different country or something.

We didn’t explore too much of it because we thought it might not be good to disturb the peace of the villagers.

I ended up getting my favourite drink in Indonesia on my way out.

It got dark after a bit, hinting us that it was time for dinner. Everyone was literally gathered in front of our guesthouse’ cafe like a pasar malam’s sight you will see in KL. Food everywhere and we were feeling really greedy to try everything they were serving.


And how can I miss out their seafood!!!

That was a platter for two but we had trouble finishing it up because we were.. just too greedy. Or maybe it was only me.

Next itinerary was actually… nothing. So, we strolled along the beach again until we found a quiet place to sit back and relax. I became the pain in the ass when it comes to nightlife. My body doesn’t approve it and yes, we did not join any of the parties when there were like hundreds of party happening in the island, that night itself. I just threw myself to bed and drown in my own dream while the others partied with maximum noises surrounding the guest house.

It wasn’t shameful for us to skip the parties after all because we had to wake up early the next day for more adventures ahead in the mainland of Lombok! We headed to the pink beach!!!

Well, come back again for the next post about the pink beach and stuff!! :D

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