Logging in Lombok Part 2

Here’s the continuation of my Lombok trip which I owe my readers…

After the party night we slept over, we woke up really early the next morning to view the sunrise, not! We woke up just to return to the mainland and head to our next planned destination.

But before that, the private tour guide brought us this a community store where the locals weave and sell their productions. And for that, they also allowed us to be dressed in their traditional clothes just for picture purposes <3

Could you guess where did we head to? The pink beach!!! And it took us a rough three hours by car to get there. It was literally a rough journey because the beach is still a hidden gem and no proper roads are made for it.. It also killed me but it was worth it.

I like this picture below because I think it is hilarious. Haha as though I farted and our private tour guide was suffocating from it. Lol.

Here we go! Some call it Pink Beach and some refer it as Tangsi Beach. Either names, the local will have their ways to bring you there. Unfortunately, we went to the wrong timing. We knew that we were supposed to be there around 3-4pm for the best pink view (that’s when the sand will shine in perfect pink but we didnt have enough time to waste before that so… we were there a few hours earlier than the ideal time. The beach was pinkish (not very pink)… and untouched!

You will see nothing but a few small huts around with local people chilling by the beach. We were the odd ones being foreigners.

Along the way to the beach, you will get to see lots and lots of corn farms. We went to Kuta beach next! It’s the soon-to-be famous beach and you will get to see lots of people surfing there. You can also judge how beautiful the sea is, from my pictures.

Our next destination was a local village. I actually went there unprepared and I felt myself being disrespectful for dressing up in only my tube dress but I did not have any other options during then. However, the locals were really nice and they did not disapprove me or anything. They did not say anything about it either. I was so relieved…

One of the villagers then brought us around to have a closer look into their houses and living. There were so many stories told by him but I can’t remember all of them. The best memory I had from the village visit was that we actually entered a freshly-painted house, painted by cow dung. Haha. It is part of their tradition but I was still taken aback, worrying about the smell. But I smelled nothing. Probably it was the dry and hot weather that helps. Lucky me.

It was almost evening when we finished up the itineraries and headed back to the hotel booked in mainland. It was Living Asia Resort and Spa. And it does live up to its name. Hehe. I especially loved its beach. It was peaceful and beautiful. You can view Mount Agung from the beach with no interference too!

We then had our romantic dinner by the beach and called it a day. And then, went back to the beach again after breakfast in the morning because it was just too beautiful. I needed to take more pictures there before I leave for home.

<3 <3 <3

And here’s my smelly boy having nasi puyung for lunch before we leave the place. The trip was short but it was beautiful and I wished they have better transportation options that could bring us around. People said Lombok is like an untouched Bali and soon, it might be as developed as Bali. Well. Maybe that’s when we will be going back there again! :D

What’s next in my blog? More trips’ updates. Yogyakarta and Ipoh! :D

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