Lucky Moment with Jay Chou!

And as mentioned in my previous blog entry, I finally unlocked the achievement in taking a picture with Jay Chou!!! Like finallyyyyyyy after 13 years of admiration. For this, I need to thank KL Sogo for the contest and Natalie for allowing me to be the lucky friend for this photo-session opportunity! :D

Here’s the long awaited photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were so lucky to be able to conquer both sides of the superstar in this picture! :D :D :D Fact was, we were one the first pairs of winners to arrive the booth for photoshoot. Waited for almost an hour and was the first in queue. When we were asked to move in the backstage, the sequence of fans in line got messed up and we thought all 40 winners were to share the photo moment all in one picture with Jay. The impression was created because the first ten winners from KL Sogo were asked to line up behind, followed by the next ten from Carlo Rino inthe second line and another 20 winners from Five Stars Tours in front. We got panicked but we didn’t want to bother much. Most of the consideration went to “how we look” and “how should we react when we see Jay”.

Then, the person-in-charge explained the rules and regulation of the photo-session and said that we will be divided into 3 groups. Then she further explained that the superstar will stand in the middle, among the ten of us. She did the headcount and I wassssssssssssssssssss the fifth and Natalie was the sixth in queue! OMG. I couldn’t believe it and Natalie was still in her own world when I found out Jay was going to stand in between us!!!! Winners beside us jokingly asked if they could switch places and that’s when Natalie realised the fact because I rejected them! Hahahahaha.

We were being so lucky that we could even switch places for our preferred face profiles! I choose the left one!!! We were not allowed to get his autograph or have any interaction with him tho. We only managed to reply him when he said “Hello!” to us. I think we all died inside. Hahahahaha. During the time, I thought he wasn’t really tall, at least not taller than my expectation but when the picture came. I was wronged. Haha.

The photo-session ended so quickly, even before we could digest everything from seeing Jay in such distance to walking out from the backstage. We needed this picture to let us know it was real!!!!!

:D :D :D

4 thoughts on “Lucky Moment with Jay Chou!

  1. I KNOW RIGHT!! I feel really lucky myself too! Hopefully all real fans get a chance like me too! :D :D And I don’t want my luck to end here as well. Lololol. Keep it coming :)

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