Make your own pancakes @ Slappy Cakes, Solaris Dutamas

Not too long ago, I discovered this restaurant where we were able to draw and make our very own pancakes! Here at Slappy Cakes, everyone get to cook themselves on special griddles built on each table :)

Here I am with my ex-colleagues, Wai Nee and Joyce on my second visit (after gaining more experiences in making them pancakes!)

Now, take a look at the menu!

Besides these batters, they have new flavoured batters from time to time too! In my case, I get to try the Pandan flavuored batter. And for each serving of batter, it is sufficient to produce many many pancakes which is almost enough to feed two adults!

Also, you can opt to order some fillings and toppings to enhance the visual and taste of your pancakes. In my case, I choose to go with the plain ones because I personally like the chocolate flavoured one alone.

We started out our pancake “art” with the chocolate batter as outline. In my experiences, the chocolate batter seemed to be a better choice for outline or fine drawings too as I thought the other batters are more diluted and its bottles’ opening is also made bigger for pancake art’s filling.

As soon as you see bubbles popping on the pancake surfaces, flip it! And taa-dah… your pancake masterpiece! Here are mine…

Clearly I’m not a talented one but it was very fun to do your own pancake. We giggled throughout the whole session, laughing at our failed pieces. The only thing I wished was for more coloured batters. Haha I know it might not be favourable to a lot of people but but but but.. it would be really fun! Not sure how can I upload an IG video here but you may click HERE to view a short timelapse I made as well.

In any case if you could not finish up your pancakes, you can also opt to pack them up and take away! Haha. The three of us couldn’t finished up the batter and we used the remaining to do this!

And I thought this looks the best out of my many drawings. LOL I even had to write the letters in a reversed manner to achieve this. What’s that? Hmmmn.. It’s an inside joke we made while we were working as a team. Hahahaha.

If you ask me, yes! I would definitely be their return customer (but not on Mondays, lol)

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