Making Way to Malacca – Part 1

I had a very productive weekend just last week. I’ve travelled to Malacca with 20 family members which can be really troublesome and tiring but fortunate enough, it was fun and (tummy) filling. But because we travelled in such a big gang, we did not opt to stay in anywhere too luxurious so that we could spend more in better things. We stayed in Motel Sayang-sayang. As soon as we checked-in, we headed for Malacca’s infamous chicken rice ball at Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant. Then, continued for a stroll in Jonker Walk.

Nothing comes better than an icy cold durian cendol on a hot and humid day out. Moreover it’s the super yummy durian cendol from Jonker88!!!

After that, we too headed to St Paul Church and A’ Famosa fort. We were being all touristy mainly because most of my cousins have never visited Malacca prior to this trip.

And suddenly, it all turned gloomy T_T This routine of weather has been repeating for the next few days during our stay too. It was hot, humid then wet. So agitating.

Then for dinner, we all headed to Portugese Settlement for seafood. It was a first trip for all! And I learned some food stall’s rules in Malacca that was quite interesting too. In KL, you can order your food from this particular stall, your friend from another and all sit together at another corner. Oh well, you cannot do that in Malacca. You need to be seated at the same numbered seats and stalls. You must also use the same numbered cutleries too. Hmmn…

But the food there was awesome. We specially love the salted egg crab! :D :D :D The Thai Tofu was really goooooooooooooooooood too (and they looked like sugar coated cube donuts). Haha!

After the dinner, the family and I spend some time chilling at the windy pier side. The kids had fun with their bubble guns and the adults were all immersed in sky lantern playing. Oh well, this is almost impossible in Singapore! And the lanterns cost us only RM10 for 4! :D :D

Love the bubbles’ picture below! <3

2 thoughts on “Making Way to Malacca – Part 1

  1. KY : the food is awesome! and I see a lot of renovation and refurbishment going on in the town right now… hmmn looks like it might be better soon!

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