Making Way to Malacca – Part 3

Here’s to the last portion of my Malacca trip. This was when we spend our time on only food and coffee. We started off the day with Nyonya kueh shopping at Baba Charlie. We were there probably too early because ondeh-ondeh wasn’t ready for sale yet T_T But we still managed to swipe most of the other kind of kueh. It feels like we were going to bring the whole house down when the 20 of us crash in the house at the same time.

Located just one street away was 486 Baba Low. We had our lunch there, filling our stomachs with yummy Nyonya laksa and pai tee.

Then, we headed to Jonker Street (again) for a last round of shopping of snacks and souvenirs. We ended up at Mods Cafe too. One of the famous landmarks in Malacca for having good coffee and great theme. They actually have a Volkswagen van in the store itself and it should be driven out for other functions too. Tho the cafe was small and it could only fit 30-35 guests at one go, the environment was really cosy and it smells real good :D

The decorations were nostalgic and the coffee wasn’t disappointing at all. And the best was their cakes!!!! I am totally in love with the tiramisu and cheesecake they serve. The taste and moisture of the tiramisu is nothing but perfect while the cheesecake taste the best when you pair it with their coffee! Ahh! I must crash the cafe again for the cakes on my next visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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