Managing A Fussed Friend Like A Boss

Have you seen this video of “Managing Stakeholders Like A Boss” made by the students of Taylor’s Business School? A little sneak peak into the video:

You’re in a meeting where your boss is in a rage, trying to find out the culprit behind a deal that incurred a huge loss to the company. And you’re right in the line of fire. Feel the cold sweat running down your forehead! Check out how Maxwell managed his boss, LIKE A BOSS.

I really like the idea of them using the MEME. My favourite!! :D :D Hmmmn. I know it has been awhile since I made a video and I’m not good in making videos but here’s my first attempt using iMovie! My vlog response to the video above! Please don’t laugh too hard! :p

I would love to thank both Natalie and Cindy for helping me in this video. Thank you for your time! I know we had limited time to do this but hey, I know we all had fun! Please forgive me in my not-so-good editing. I will brush up my skills more in the future, if needed.

Also, there’s actually another video made by the students of Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts – “Check-in Like A Boss”. This video was really cute and unique in its way. It shows how a boutique hotel can be cool in its own way with a little taste of “fun”.

Hahaha. What do you guys think? I mean of all the videos! :D

5 thoughts on “Managing A Fussed Friend Like A Boss

  1. Hey! I’m kenneth one of the students in the video Managing Stake Holder Like a Boss. We (ameera , izzati , amy and the rest ) saw your video , its AWESOME! We really appreciate that you like it =D

  2. she : i know its really lame.. hahaha i lol-ed myself too.

    kenneth : oh gosh! hahaaha this is embarrassing! ahahahah but thanks for watching! :D

  3. hahahahhahahaha, very honoured to have three pretty girls make a positive video response. Epic disco dance btw!

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