MO.A Mnet Live in Malaysia 2011

I cannot believe what happened to my luck again and again, someone must be watching me from the above. Ahhhh, this won’t be a normal concert covering because I actually got myself in a temporary crew post for the events! And right after I’ve pitched myself the post, I’ve won myself passes and tickets to the events. Gosh. But in the end, I still choose the job over the passes because I don’t think I’ll get to work for my idols anymore in the future. This is my once in a lifetime opportunity! :D

There won’t be much pictures or anything in this post because I was working and wasn’t carrying any camera. I can’t take either but everything was captured and saved in my own little memory. I won’t forget how close was I to Super Junior T_T Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

#01 The stuff!

Ahhhh see what I’ve got! Super Junior and f(x) Meet the Fans Session passes that I’ve won through an SMS contest by LG and MyFm, I’ve given 3 passes away to BFF Cindy, Jamie and Tammy. I’ve also got a VIP ticket to the concert (still untorn), given by Jamie! :D And that lucky girl actually got the tickets very last minute too! Oooh, I wanna thank Tammy again for the SME Official Merchandise she got for me from Taiwan too! :D

Now, let me start with some starry picture spamming!

What: Super Junior and f(x) Meet the Fans Session
When: 3 December 2011
Where: One World Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

This was the first event that I worked for, plus another press conference on the following. Even if I had a Fan pass, I couldn’t get to go in during my duty hours. I had to stay out of the room for other tasks. Lucky friends get to go in and pictures below are all taken by Cindy :)

#02 Say hello to f(x)!!! Hello Luna, Victoria, Sulli and Amber! :D

Luna is the friendliest among them, I think. She smiled and waved to every fan on site! Victoria still look like a goddess among. Sulli is so cute, she sang so much whenever she was and Amber was the one who had the loudest cheers throughout the event! I assumed she has the most fans.

#03 6 members of Super Junior – Ryeowook, Donghae, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Sungming and the ever charismatic leader Leeteuk! Siwon, Kyuhyun and Shindong did not make it to the Meet the Fans Session and Press Conference but they were there for the show! :)

#04 When I get to see them up close in real life, I think Donghae looks really cute! He’s fair and he look just like a prince. I stunned a bit when I got a smile from him ;) Ryeowook is really thin, I think my face is so much chubbier compared to his! Yesung just look like an emoboy!

#05 I actually don’t know what happened during the one hour session but I knew that there was a fans Q&A session where 10 lucky fans will be picked among the 200 to ask Super Junior questions. They will be given the privilege to take a picture with the idols. That applies to f(x) too! I was consider lucky and unlucky to not have my name picked by them, considering that I wasn’t part of the fans. Hahahaha.

#06 The lucky fans! Sigh.. I’m still waiting for my time to come. I would love to get just a picture with my idols, SUper Junior or Jay. It will make me very very very very very happy! :D

Did I mentioned that I had to escort the artist from the elevator to the room where they had the events? Ahhhhhhhhh :D :D Anyways, the Press Conference then took place after the fans left the room, where B1A4 and Miss A joined in too. I wasn’t in the event either. I had to standby for their departure and fans control. No pictures were taken then because no fans were allowed to take any pictures during the event either.

All I knew was that Leeteuk did mention that they will be holding Super Show 4 in Malaysia. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

What: MO.A Mnet Live in Malaysia 2011
When: 3 December 2011
Where: MBPJ Stadium, Kelana Jaya

Woohooo! The show started at approximately 7.30pm on the same day but I reached the stadium 30 minutes later because I had to finish up the work in the hotel first. That was when I get to see Siwon upclose upon his arrival at the hotel. Although the time was short, but I felt like it was the longest 5 second walk with someone so dreamy <3 <3

Oh well, back to the story of the concert. Remember the VIP tickets I had? I did not use it because I was given a crew that and I was positioned at the VIP/Rock Zone area for crowd control standby! :D It must be my luckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!! :D :D I get to see the artistes straight from the stage with no audience ahead when there are no crowd losing control! Haha. I worked and enjoyed a bit at the same time.

I had no camera with me because I never thought I would be having tickets or access to the front stage until the very last minute too. Lucky Natalie had her Canon S90 with her! And pictures below are all shot by me with her gadget! :D

#07 Miss A was already performing the last song when I reached the stadium with Natalie, and Suji – the supervisors, Miki, Lawrence, Soo Yee and Siti – the event crews. They sang Goodbye Baby, Love Alone, Help me, Breath, Poker Face and Bad Girl Good Girl.

#08 Up next was B1A4, the super friendly rookie boy band who greeted everyone politely! I was startled by their waves, smiles and bows. They were really polite! And they had plenty of fans too! I guess they had the most and craziest fans back in the hotel. It was so difficult to handle the crowd whenever the boys appeared. Pfft.

However, I think situation changed when we arrived at the concert. Their fans were drowned among the E.L.Fs, fans of Super Junior!

#09 These young boys performed five songs of theirs included; Beautiful Target, My Love, Only Learned The Bad Things, Only One and O.K. To be honest, I haven’t hear of any before the concert but I think I will after it! Their charm on stage really did killed a lot of young girls below the stage.

#10 Then these were the girls who rocked the stage after the boys. Ahhhh I always think Sulli is very cute and I think she’s even cuter now. She may not be the prettiest among but she’s just cute. At a certain extend, I do think Natalie Chai and Sulli resemble each other too! Hahahaha.

I liked their performances on stage and I think I like them plus their songs more after that. I like their group outfit too! Same same but different. I totally dislike the identically same costumes on idols, macam uniform! Pfft.

#11 The picture was snapped at the moment they were bowing to the audience. Songs performed by them were Lachata, NuABO, Is it Ok?, Hot Summer and Pinnochio. And this Amber seriously had the loudest cheer among that you can obviously notice whenever she saw projected at the gigantic screen during the concert. I thought she was really cool and cool too! There are no other words to describe her already.

#12 Last but definitely not the least group on stage was SUPER JUNIOR! Ahhh it was the time when the crowd lost their minds, souls, shoes… whatever it is. Ahhh I was secretly going crazy inside of me too but I managed to control it because I remembered that I was still on duty.

See! I took only 2-3 pictures per group when they appeared on stage. However, things were kinda different when the members started to walk nearer to the audience, nearer towards the place I was. I started to take more pictures, aiming at Siwon! :)

#13 Songs they sang were Superman, A-Cha, Mr Simple, It Has to Be You (Yesung’s solo), Memories, Marry U, Bonamana and their ever famous Sorry, Sorry. I missed a few songs at the beginning. Sigh. I didn’t even get to see how Siwon walked off from the stage when Superman was sang halfway. I can only watch it again from the fancams on the next day.

#14 Yesung’s solo was great. How I wished Kyuhyun had a solo too. I am very sure he will melt hearts of the crowd.

#15 After the whole event, I think Eunhyuk is a fun guy. He was playful and he was everywhere. I’m sure his fans already knew this ahahaha but I just find it surprising because I’ve never noticed that before. I was very much Siwon-centered. I still am.

#16 I was so lucky, I considered that myself because Siwon was position to stand at the side of stage where I was, most of the time! <3

#17 That’s Sungmin behind. I can’t remember what were they doing and what song were they singing at this point of time because all in my mind was, Siwon and not to forget about the crowd I’m supposed to take note too. I was ecstatically enjoy the concert like any others but I was just concentrating on 2 tasks!

#13 I missed Eunhyuk and Shindong from this group picture of them singing their ballad. Ahhhhh I missed the Marry U when they gave out autographed T-shirts too. I didn’t even know about it till it was reported in the papers on Sunday. Pfffft.

#14 One of my favourite pictures, Siwon and Eunhyuk up close :)

#15 And another one. He was totally looking into the camera I was holding! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

#16 My current phone wallpaper of Siwon. Ahhh I wonder if he was moody or tired because he didn’t smile or cheer much that night. For so many times we exchanged eye contacts, whether in the hotel or in the concert, he did not smile like the others did. Sigh. However at the last chance of getting his attention, I waved and gained a nod and smile from him. I totally melted. I totally……………….. went crazy inside. <3 <3

#17 Natalie’s favourite – Kyuhyun! And Yesung, the lead singers. I just noticed that Kyuhyun outfit was rather feminine. This guy still is the quietest and the shyest member among. He did not leave any big impressions that night. He was just being him, on and off stage.

#18 That’s Siwon, Ryeowook and Leeteuk on stage :) One of the last pictures I took before the crowd totally went out of control. The boys greeted the Malaysians with Malay and Islamic greetings such as “Apa khabar?” and “Assamulaikum”.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want to greet them too but the real situation was fierce. We had to form human barricades to avoid the fans to knock the metal ones and approach the idols on stage. It was horrible. Pushing here and there. It was worsen when the security threw his entire body towards the girls with the objective of pushing them backwards. It was totally ridiculous and I loosen myself from the crew and screamed at the fans to go backwards before the security repeats his impolite action again. I didn’t want him to take advantage of anyone at all, or to even hurt the crowd. It was so dangerous to just PUSH them backwards because it might just knock down someone and that someone might get stamped over. Ahh if you are wondering, it all happened at the VIP zone.  Do forgive me if you are one of the fans I scolded.

Yeah, the event ended with my screaming. Haha. I had no more duty after that, so all I did was seeing the crowd leaving the stadium. From far, I can see the group swarmed around the artists limousines. I can hear their screams and cheers for the artistes but there was only one thought in my head, “I’m too tired for this again”. I did that the whole afternoon already and I’m just too worn out. No wonder workers of the artistes don’t worship them any more after working together even if the artistes used to be their idols. Hahaha. Lucky me get to experience this for once! :)

I had a very tiring but a very eventful day. I’ve learned and experienced things I’ve never done :) Ahh thank you to whoever I’ve did <3 I love the whole thingy. Siwon <3

And on another note, I’ve did well in my Korean exam too. The administrator of my language school called up and told me that I’ve scored 90% for my Beginner 2’s paper! How much happier can I be right now? :D :D

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