My AirAsia Free Seats!

If I had 10 AirAsia Free Seats, I would go to Phuket and I’d bring along my smelly boy, my long-time-no-holiday mama, my never-taken-any-leave brother, my pretty cousin, my awesome aunt, my same-birthdate bff, my creepy neighbour, my emo bff as well as 2 lucky blog readers – and here’s why!

I’ve been to many islands in Thailand but Phuket ain’t one. I’ve not been to its most happening island and I’m not letting this off my list when beach is just my kind of holidays. And here’s my bucket list for Phuket!

  • To be sun-kissed and have lotsa fun by the beach
  • To party all day long at the beach!
  • To discover the beauty of Old Phuket Town
  • To experience their nightlife shows
  • To do island hopping because I’ve always loved it
  • To have endless of Thai Massages
  • To eat all the yummy food (I miss mango sticky rice, tomyam, tub tim krab, orange juice and pancake with banana with condensed milk!!)
  • And not to be fat during the trip!!!!!!

    The list is not going to end but neither that I’m doing these alone!!

    Firstly, why my smelly boy? Because he is my travelling soul-mate! We are gonna travel around the globe together and to make more mutual memories and this is not going to be an exceptional. Besides, he has been wanting to have lotsa massage and at Phuket, I can afford to treat him massage for the entire day! Bet he’s gonna love it and me more.. Haha. Oh! We can finally make use of our GoPro camera too :)

    Why my long-time-no-holiday mama? The name says it all. The last and the only time I brought her for a short trip was more than a year ago. We went to Bangkok and I could tell that she enjoyed it very much. Since then, she hasn’t travel anywhere out of Kuala Lumpur and I thought I should be rewarding her. She should have some time off from house and work, just to relax and chill by the beach.

    My brother? Well, technically he hasn’t traveled out of the country since 3 year ago and clearly, he hasn’t taken any day off from his work since he started working last year. How can I not reward this hardworking little fella! He might be really interested in the local Muay Thai boxing too.

    I wanna have my cousin and my aunt along too because they sponsored a few trips for me when I was younger and this should be pay-off time! I can never pay them off by just a trip (obviously) because they have been helping and supporting me throughout my 26 years but.. I really want them to come along too. It can be a very good bonding time for the sisters and cousins. They deserve a holiday too, of course!

    And the three VIPs I cherish (I’ve got more than listed, of course) because we have this planned-219479812-days-ago holiday which has yet to be fulfilled due to hundred and one reasons. Usually it’s me and my financial commitment and our never-matching time. This would be great as we can bond ourselves while exploring the island. Shopping will be really fun with them too <3 <3 Time to show-off them bikinis!!! Lastly, why my readers? Because they have been supporting me and my blog since I was 17 even tho I've been hiatus for numerous times! They have been really nice and it's time for some rewarding from me too. Oh AirAsia, please grant me the wish and I will not be the only happy girl - but 9 other people I treasure too! I've never reward them something like this and I know nothing can be better than this :)

    Don’t be upset if you are not in my list because AirAsia is having its Free Seat Promo! That’s a call for a trip-planning on its traveling period from 1 March to 24 October 2014. Book now before this August ends!! :D

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