My Beachy Getaway

Hi there! You guys must be thinking what have I been doing while being away from blogging. Last month, I had a one-month intensive language course in Seoul during winter and this month, I spent a summer holiday with the boyfriend and family in Boracay.

It was a splendid holiday experience and I wished we had a longer break there but the pocket does not approve it. Everything was beautiful about Boracay (except for the traveling part) and let me share my piece of Boracay here..

We were greeted with a breath-taking sunset as soon as we touched down! And we did not much but to familiarize ourselves at the place before having our holiday started in a full-swing mood on the next day.

And we started it with island hopping with everyone else who joined in the trip. We visited Puka Beach, Crystal Cove, Crocodile Island and many more..

It was late noon when we headed back to White Beach and Talipapa Wet Market was the next destination for yummy seafood. No food photo were taken because everyone was really hungry already!

Made some friends at Ariel’s Point and had my first experience in kayaking as well. I didn’t like it, honestly.

We had the vacation spent in a very relaxing way, no rush and no itinerary to follow with. After lunch, we wandered around, had the popular Jonas shake, enjoyed massages and sunset again, all by the beach!

The following day was a fun one because we then headed to Ariel’s Point. A popular place for cliff jumping. I’m not an adventurous person and I went there because everyone else did. I just tagged along.

But the atmosphere there was so adrenaline-rushing, I did a small jump too! I am surprised by myself. Before you started pointing fingers at me for wearing a lifejacket (because we are not supposed to), I have actually consulted the people there and I was given the green light to do so. Hehehe. But the silly me forgotten to hold my nose with my fingers during the jump and ended up having loads of sea water intake T_T

Made a few friends at Ariel’s Point and had my first experience in kayaking as well.

After the cliff jumping, we had dinner and witnessed a beautiful sunset again. Boracay has super awesome sunsets, I must agree! And guess what, I witness a beautiful rainbow on the next morning as well! It was huge and vivid! <3 <3

Here comes to the end of the short trip. It wasn’t only a family trip but also our anniversary trip. I’m glad to be having the chances to spend this special date with the smelly fella at overseas for the past few years. Thank you for bringing me around to see the world!

And I won’t forget to thank you for buying me a hell lotsa ice cream too <3 Vacation verdict : Awesome place to be at but if you hate crowd, avoid it.

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