My Twenty-Fourth #01

It’s finally November! It is the month that I have been waiting for months!! And I’m officially 24 years old now!

People say that we tend to stop celebrating birthdays as we grow older but in my case, it is still fun to celebrate! My first round of celebration took place 2 days ago with the dear colleagues. I guess it was quite an impromptu karaoke celebration as I thought it was only a random outing cum farewell for 2 of the colleagues. I actually could not handle nor digest the surprise they gave me. But I still had fun! Thank you! :D

Here are a few pictures taken with Melissa’s camera as I have left mine at home…

#01 My first birthday of the year – chocolate and macaroons.

#02 Meet Stephany and Chester (new faces on my blog), Rachel and May (again).

#03 My favourite picture of the night!

#04 Some ugly faces. Lol

#05 And a group picture with the girls – Rachel, May, Shyen Ze, Liz, Melissa and Stephany. Thank you all! I appreciate it <3 BUt sorry that I didn't tear. Hahaha. I just could not digest it ;p If you didn't notice, this entry is being titled #01 because they are more to come! The second birthday post will be updated soon :)

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