My Twenty-Fourth #02

What : Cindy and My 24th Birthday Dinner
When : 1 November 2012
Where : Namoo On The Park, Publika

Here comes my second birthday post! It was an annual dinner/party I held with my BFFs but this time, it was only with Cindy. I can’t wait for next year’s celebration because Carmen promised to be back! Everyone here please be our witness :D

So anyways, it was a mellow and simple dinner among 14 of us. The 14 of us with le moustaches. And I must thank Cindy again for the hard work in preparing the props!

I mean it when I said mellow and simple. Besides the moustache party prop, we had nothing else fancy. Everyone just came with the dress code of “Like A Sir with a hint of mint or blue” and we had catch-up talks, laughs and food together. Just that. It was a relaxed and a nice one since I haven’t hang out with the bunch for months.


Even the cafe was picked randomly and all the birthday arrangement was done within an hour before I started my work-war with HOMEDEC. I simply searched for “Cozy Cafe in KL” in Google and Namoo On The Park was one of the results that caught my attention. And of course, the first impression of its entrance itself was good enough for me to book the tables there already! Haha!

#02 And so, it was my first trip to the cafe. I find it really cozy and the environment is very much to my liking too. The food was nice too! I had bibimbap and most of the others had their signature bibi rice burger. Some had their spicy rice cake and some had their kimchi soup. All was up to standard and no one complained! Honestly, I don’t mind paying a second visit there for their dessert that I’ve missed during this dinner :)

Blogging back to the birthday dinner…

#03 That’s Cindy and I in blue and mint. We didn’t dress exactly Like A Sir but we had similar round and cute collars to match the theme! :D

#04 Daryl and I.

#05 Cindy and Luiz.

#06 Bryan and the hipster mermaid, Lie Peh! Haha.

#07 Naughty Pui Yeen, Boon Teng and Yong Tze.

#08 Half of the bunch.

#09 Ginny and Natalie! If there was a best dress award for the birthday dinner, the winner would probably be Ginny! :D Cute kan! And on the side note, my moustache matched me just perfectly in the picture above. Teehee!

#10 The fishball clan and Daryl.

#11 The playful ones.

#12 The birthday girls again! And thank you Bryan for the birthday cake. It was quite a surprise to me because I didn’t expect anyone from the invitees to bring us a birthday cake! I thought we would go cake-less this year. Hahaha.

#13 Us, posing for another camera. If you didn’t know, Cindy and I are BFFs who share the same birthdate. And it was our twelfth co-birthday celebration since we were 12. We missed celebrating our 21st together but cool isn’t it!

#14 Then, a group picture of the 14 of us :3

#15 This is what I got for le BFF Cindy and Carmen. A tote bag with my doodle print! I spent quite some time to draw and to look for such tote bag printing service around KL, so I hope they really like it. Carmen hasn’t receive it personally because she’s now in Adelaide so babi please come back quick!!

I gave them a custom-made tote bag 3 years back too.

#16 Another moustache drinking straw which wasn’t really used during the dinner because most of us ordered hot beverages.

#17 Another group shot of all the girls after the dinner, before everyone heads back.

#18 Hahaha and a random picture of the cafe icon, Namoo (it means tree in Korean) looking really innocent with our moustaches!

#19 Striking a last pose for the night.

#20 Happy birthday girls :D

Once again, happy birthday to Cindy. Also to all the buddies who are celebrating their birthdays on November. Special mention to Susan, Pei Lu, Peggy, Ju Koon and of course CHIAM CARMEN! <3 Come back quick!! :D Also, thank you to everyone who made it to the dinner. Thank you for the birthday gifts. Thank you everyone who has wished me via Facebook, Twitter, blog, phone and all. Thank you! I appreciate every each of them. They made my day <3 p/s: I've got one more birthday post to go if you are not bored with me yet!

8 thoughts on “My Twenty-Fourth #02

  1. <3 awhs so cute the prop! (although just oen compared to your previous birthday posts) seemed like a very good night and your birthday posts are always fun to read!~

  2. <3 awhs so cute the prop! (although just one compared to your previous birthday posts) seemed like a very good night and your birthday posts are always fun to read!~

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