Strawberries Picking at Cameron Highlands

Two weeks back, I spent my birthday weekend with le BF at Cameron Highlands. It was a simple and sweet birthday 2D1N getaway. And you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to get our asses up there and run away from the busy city.

As soon as we are done checking in Strawberry Park Resort, we had a quick lunch in Brinchang and drove around for strawberries plucking. I actually looked forward to it a lot! Initially, we planned to pay a visit at Strawberries Moments but it was relocated and we found no details on its new shop @_@ What a waste.

Then, we proceed to a few more strawberries’ farm and settled at Healthy Strawberry Farm. Apparently, it was one of the most famous farms around Cameron. I must say we were lucky or rather smart in choosing farms ;p And to start the plucking, we needed to pay RM25. It included a two-person entry fee and a box for strawberries. You can only pluck whatever amount that can be fitted into the box.

#01 Lucky fact number 2! We were allowed to pluck strawberries at a narrow alley of the farm. It was an alley full of huge and juicy strawberries. We bet no one walked in there and we were given the access! Even visitors who came after us weren’t being offered. We were so glad!!!

#02 Big fat strawberries.

#03 These to pictures can’t justify how huge the fruits really were but check on the following ones..

#04 Compare the fruits with my finger….. the berries are huge, aren’t they!? :D

#05 The fruits were yummy too! Sweet and juicy.

#06 Haha! My favourite picture from the trip! <3 <3



#09 Beside strawberries, there were plenty of pretty potted plants found in that very farm as well.

#10 Spotted hibiscus which is as big as a man’s palm!


#12 After the strawberry farm, we headed to another town for dinner before a night stroll at the night market of Brinchang. I love night markets that don’t make you sweat! :D Haha.

We bought super yummy grilled corn for supper and le bf got me these colourful roses too.

#13 These were our outfits on the next day when we visited more farms.

#14 And this was the second destination of the day – Time Tunnel! It is a nostalgic museum where it showcases everything vintage :D I love seeing things like these! And the entrance fee cost us only RM5 per person! Totally worth it.

#15 The “ho-lan shui” aka Holland Water/soft drinks found there! What are they called so? Here‘s an interesting article I found online about Holland Water.

#16 A vintage beauty shop.

#17 An old fashioned kitchen.

#18 A random samseng. Haha.

#19 And a random gu niang.

#20 Now, here’s the picture to end the post and the trip in Cameron. It was also a last quick-stop we had at Cameron Valley.

I guess I’m done with the birthday posts! More vacation and wedding posts are coming up after this weekend! :D :D

4 thoughts on “Strawberries Picking at Cameron Highlands

  1. Hey, I may be heading to Cameron soon too. Any recommendation on where to stay? where did u stay and how much was it? Thanks

  2. Janice : Hi there! We stayed in Strawberry Park Resort, it was nice but you need to drive a little distance to the other towns and places. I’m not quite sure of the price because bf made the payment.

    Gin : Hahaha not sweater. It’s a knitted long top I bought it in HK last year. I love it too! HK$150 only! :D :D

    she : ahahahaha ;)

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