New Clothes for the New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone who is reading this! Happy Snake Year! :D :D Everyone must be really busy doing visiting and ang pows now. I’m probably hanging out at my grandma’s place while this post is being scheduled to fill up the blog during this hour. Hehe.

Girls being girls, we shop no matter when. But it gives us even more reasons to shop when it’s new year! Right? Kakakaka I’ll show you the stuff I’ve got during this new year!

#01 My BFF tee, made by Cindy and worn yesterday during the reunion dinner. So so so cute right!

#02 All of the clothes I’ve got. Actually I bought only 5 pieces for myself. A aztec print long dress, a Uniqlo skinny jeans (only RM49!), a cropped knit top, a military top (RM15!!!!), and a black flare skirt. The rest are all bought by le BFF!!!!! Where can you find BFF that buys you new year’s clothes? I found one! <3 She got me 2 denim skirts, one mesh net skirt, one sequin top and another frill top, all from Bangkok. Love love!

#03 I’ve got myself this pair of kitty flats too, from Mod.

#04 And so, the vain me decided to try on them, mix and match, and plan the outfit for the whole week with what I’ve got! :D Here’s myself, attempting an aegyo while in the frill top!

#05 This has to be my favourite top among! I’ve seen this kitty top everywhere in KL and blogshops but none of them are as cute as this! And they are a perfect match with the black flare skirt I got form Cotton On <3 Maybe I shall make this the Vday outfit too! What do you think?

#06 Then, here’s another coordinate that I dont think I’ll be wearing it out cause it’s too cute! Lol. Sequin daisy top and a mint mesh net skirt.

#07 And a random one here to end this post. That’s a steal from Typo, the fuchsia buffalo journal!

p/s: It’s also my first anniversary today, with le smelly boy! Double happiness! Weeeeee <3 <3 <3

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  1. kim: actually my friend did it by herself! I think she printed the image on a print iron-on paper, then transfer to the fabric by ironing :D

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