Okonomi: What’s Your Roll?

Feeling creative in making your own customized sushi roll? I’ve found a place for you – Okonomi! Located at Publika KL, this is a fun restaurant that serves sushi ‘as you like it’.

You can start by choosing their wrap or base that could either be the traditional seaweed (nori), soy wrap for those who find the nori flavour too strong or also opt for the base prepared as a salad. White rice or brown rice is selected next. They then go on to choose their fillings which is a huge selection ranging from the orthodox items in a sushi such as salmon, unagi, cucumber, tamago to the more fusion items like smoked duck, marinated lobster, katsu chicken, mango and others. You then selects a sauce and a topping from our healthy selection which exceeds 40 different items.

Here is how the customised sushi’s menu looks like;

The rolls come in three sizes – small, medium and large with different prices and amount of fillings, as shown. I would recommend large for the hungry ones or a few small rolls for the curious and creative ones.

I’ve personally been there twice and still loving it! <3 During my first visit with Natalie, we created genius maki! This is what we would recommend you, the combo of fried salmon, soft shell crab, lettuce and tamago in the maki roll with mentai mayo and ebiko fillings.

Our favourite!!!!

We’ve also went out of our comfort zone by ordering this next roll in soy wrap. It consisted unagi, seasoned scallop and seaweed, with cheese mayo and garlic toppings!

Not forgetting about this yummy Avocado Prawn Salad as well! It’s a two-thumbs-up dish!

On my second visit with my VIPS, I didn’t do anything out of the box because I was still madly in love with the genius roll I made with Natalie earlier. Hahaha.Meanwhile, each of the girls too has their customised rolls.

Can’t remember who did this roll but it has salmon, avocado and tamago with mentai mayo and tobiko! Oh wait, I think this belongs to Cindy. Hahaha.

Here’s another one by Pui Yeen. This girl picked asparagus, salmon, forgot-what’s-another-filling with wasabi mayo and ebiko. Doesn’t it look yummy already!! :D :D

Besides sushi, Okonomi serves house rolls, pasta, rice and desserts too! What’s a great meal without dessert right? During the first visit, we ordered the soft serve ice creams. And on the second visit, we ordered the yummy parfait :D :D Love both these desserts to the max.

In short, we all did enjoy the dishes here. The place was really cozy for catch-up conversations too. And most importantly, the meals aren’t costly at all. Splitting among all, we paid less than RM40 each for what we have ordered. But brr. Honestly, we need someone to do the exotic menu! Hahaha. We girls are just playing safe with what we like to eat. This brilliant idea of having our own costumised rolls need people with more daring tummys. Hahaha.

So, what’s your roll? Let us know your wildest sushi combo! For more info and updates, you may also visit Okonomi’s Facebook page here :)

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