Jay Chou “Opus Jay World Tour Malaysia” Concert

What : Opus Jay Chou 2013 World Tour / 周杰倫「魔天倫」世界巡迴演唱會
When : 2, 3, & 4 August 2013
Where : Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium

Phew. The concerts almost killed me. Or to be exact, the three-nights-in-a-row’s concert almost killed me. I’m not being arrogant but I feel like I’m a little luckier to have had tickets for all three rounds of concert, nicely seated and some are even prizes from contests. And I need to thank KL Sogo for tickets :D :D

So, I’m gonna blog about the three nights, all in one post here just like how I did previously. The following pictures are mixtures of the three nights’ footage, so that is why you might be seeing similar photos with different angles. I will also try to explain well hoping to not confuse you guys. Hehe. The songs he performed on each night are almost same, unless stated.

On day one, I was seated at VVIPB (L) row 7 which was approximately 12-15 rows away from the stage. Basically the second row to be calculated from the last. Guys behind me were all reporters and photographers from the local newspaper publishers. And I left relieved for not picking the VIP seats for the first night or else, they might be blocking the view with their gigantic gadgets.

#01 I was in my only comfortable-pink-top-for-concerts I had in my wardrobe. Cheap buy from Bangkok btw.

On day two, I had the prize tickets from contests which was seated at VVIPA (R) row 4. I was there with Cindy, Natalie and Dawn. But the two pairs of us were seated at different sides of the area. Then again, I wished we were all together <3 Just like every other times. Haha. While on day three, I was there with the fans club members sitting at the VVIPA (R) row 2! It seemed like I got nearer and nearer to the stage each night! Haha. Although we were only 2 rows apart from the stage, there was this huge gap in between!! The gap was so big that I think it could fit three more rows of chairs there! Pfft. In short, I wasn't as near as I thought I would be. And that's why pictures aren't as clear and close compared to the previous concerts too. As usual, the concert started later than it was advertise. I guess it's the Malaysia timing issue because even the audiences seats were not fully occupied when the clock ticked at 8. Seats were barely full when the superstar appeared approximately 35 minutes after the advertised time. And if you didn't know, the concert was in 4D. But I could not enjoy it because I was too near to the stage. Hmmmn #firstworldproblem
#02 Jay’s here! He came out after a short introduction of the whole concert’s theme in a spaceship and a red stage outfit, singing 驚嘆號 (Exclamation Mark) listed in his 11th album.

#03 That’s Jay and his spaceship!!

#04 He appeared to be revealing his chocolate abs for the first performance too! It drove the most of us crazy. And this should be the furthest revealing scale he’ve gone since the past 13 years, on stage.

#05 This picture was taken from the Organiser, Star Planet’s Facebook page. I couldn’t capture those… abs. Lol. And hey, it was zipped up on Sunday. I wonder… Hmmn.

#06 Right after the song, he went back and put his black singlet on for the second song – 龍拳 (Dragon Fist).

#07 He had a quick introduction with the audience after that and before he sings the third song, 最後的戰役 (The Last Battle). Here’s something odd. On Friday night, we clearly felt raindrops during the song performance and thinking that it was one of the 4D effect but the rain did not happen on the next two nights. Hmmn. It left me with a question mark.

#08 Next, the whole setting transformed to something that is familiar much. It was the RoofTop’s movie setting but I doubt everyone in the stadium knew it because the movie is still quite new I guess. Jay, came out with the 浪子膏 style too.

#09 He sang 天台 (Rooftop) with Devon of Nan Quan Mama and Cindy Yuen, both artists from his record company.

#10 Then Cindy performed 天台的月光 (Rooftop’s Moonlight) and 屋顶上的愿望 (Wishes from the Rooftop) with Darren of The Drifters, also another artist under the same label. Then, the all of them performed 比較大的大提琴 (A Larger Cello) followed by 打架舞 (Fighting Song) with some fighting scenes, mimicking scenes of the movies.

#11 Guess what’s next? 一路向北 (All the Way North), the theme song of his very first movie – Initial D. I think it was the movie songs’ session then.

#12 While he sings that, it actually gave me a lot of the flashbacks during the time when the movie debuted in 2005.

#13 He too, talked about his first movie promotional tour in Malaysia. Like how he was surprised to see a huge turnout during the events and how time has flew.

#14 Taken from the other fans, this was actually the overview of the stadium! It was so pretty but I couldn’t see.. yeah #firstworldproblem again.

#15 Then, the second movie’s theme song appeared. It was 不能说的秘密 (Secret). It was the movie which I have watched at least 10 times :D And I learn different and new things during every re-watch.

#16 Here’s a closer shot of him during the performance.

#17 It was another movie’s song next! 双节棍 (Nunchunks) which was featured in his first ever Hollywood movie, The Green Hornet. Even the dancers were dressed as Kato during the concert. Lol.

#18 And if you have been watching his concerts, you could predict that he was going to toss out at least a pair of nunchunks from the stage. Yes, he did.

#19 Switching quick to a mellow mode, he popped up the stage with a very beautifully craved piano, singing 明明就 (Obviously) after a short mime performance.

#20 He then talked a bit about his past in the industry and somewhat related it back to the first song he ever wrote – 世界末日 (End of the World). I felt touched so instantly when he sang the song up on stage. And it was quite a rare song for him to perform in a concert too.

#21 世界末日 has officially been choosen to be THE song of this concert, by me.

#22 The next song performed was Mine Mine. The live singing was auto-tuned just like the CD-recorded version. He too, changed a little of the lyrics in this song by adding “Malaysia” in it. In return, he got more cheers from the local fans here.

#23 Here’s something he did only on the Sunday’s edition of concert. He played 听妈妈的话 (Listen to Mom) on the piano perfectly. Those skills kill.

#24 Also, I like how the galaxy theme was blend into the concert :D :D :D So mystical!

#25 He sang the classic 安静 (Silence) too! This is one super emotional song that we all love <3
#26 After the mellow songs, the whole concert setting changed again. Something creepy appeared, something creepily nice. Chinese zombies were hopping around the stage in a very familiar beat. It was 公公偏头痛 (Eunuch with Headache) and the ala-Chinese setting.

#27 Then it was 青花瓷 (Blue and White Porcelain). This is one picture taken without zooming in.

#28 红尘客栈 (Red Dust Inn) was next in cue. And it was the last song of the same genre performed during the concert.

#29 After that, a guest came during Jay’s interval. The guy performed a good 3-4 minutes of beat-box continuing by a capella of 斗牛 (Bullfighting) and 水手怕水 (Hydrophobic Sailor) before Jay appeared again with 大本钟 (The Big Ben).

#30 It gave me goosebumps, those a capella singings but Jay cracked us up on the first night when he chocked by his own saliva during 大本钟. Hahaha. You can find the video here (1:37 – 1:40), some fans recorded it.

#31 During this section, Jay sang 彩虹 (Rainbow) on all nights but he made it a little special on Sunday with the addition of 双节棍 (Nunchunks), the guitar remix and 可爱女人 (Adorable Lady). Hahaha he actually asked us to pick an old song publicly but when we picked 可爱女人, he said that he might not remember the lyrics. Lol. And indeed, he forgotten and made us fill in the space. I have a recording of the song but it’s way too shaky to upload it T_T

#32 Next songs sang with the guitar was 轨迹 (Locus) and 牛仔很忙 (I’m Busy).

#33 A few more songs were sang with the unplugged versions were 星情 (Starry Mood), 回到过去 (Returning to the Past), 完美主义 (Perfection), 乔克叔叔 (Uncle Joker) and 晴天 (Clear Sky).

#34 And this was how the whole stadium looked like during the three nights. Filled with pink light sticks! And the light sticks were actually provided by the organiser to create such scene <3 <3 <3 But the batteries doesn't last... I got one from the official merchandise store for RM15 too.
#35 On the next interval, a message popped up telling us to switch off all lights we had in order to view the upcoming 3D effect on the screen. It was awesome. The effect and all. I don’t know how to describe it but the producer matched the galaxy 3D effect well with Jay and his moves. Ahhhh.

#36 I’ve got quite a few shots of him during the dance of 手语 (Sign Language). This is shot one.

#37 Shot two.

#38 And three.

#39 The next song was my favourite song, 开不了口 (Can’t Open My Mouth). He never fail to sing this song in each of his concerts. We are all thinking that the song must have some significant meanings within. However, sadly, and surprisingly, he did not sing this on Sunday. He sang it only on Friday and Saturday. Hmmmn.

#40 This is my favourite picture taken by Cindy because Jay looked as if he was glowing. Hahaha!

#41 The entire galaxy moment again.

#42 And the pink lights surrounding Jay, plus lyrics of my favourite song on the screen.

He left the stage just like that after the song, leaving the fans behind screaming for “Encore” because we knew it’s not just it! Haha. Such concert gimmick.

#43 He came up the stage again with very colourful outfit and setting, matching back with the Hawaiithemed song – 乌克丽丽 (Ukelele). And there were giant balls too! Ahhh.

#44 I swear that I never like these balls although they look really interesting in pictures. They scare the shit outta me :(

#45 Here’s Jay, in this super floral print top. Haha.

#46 And a lot more of him in this outfit. Got so many close up of him because by this time of the concerts, I was already standing right in front of the stage with no one ahead me. Only a TV screen in between Jay and I. LOL. Really.

#47 “大合唱来了!”

#48 Jay dancing with a hot dancer ;p

#49 I definitely made eye contacts with the superstar. I was so near. WHy not right! Hehe.

#50 :D :D

#51 Here’s the proof! Haha! I was at the same spot for all three nights. I’m that lucky! :D

#52 He left us again after Ukelele. The fans at the front area was being shoo-ed away by the securities and they made us return to our seats. Obviously, they failed. We rushed back to the front as soon as Jay returned on the stage! We were all out of control.

#53 On the first night, Jay had a duet with Cindy Yuen. Okay, there are two Cindy’s mentioned in this post. Hahaha. The singers sang 屋顶 (Rooftop), this is not the movie’s song but it’s just a classic duet song he wrote much earlier.

#54 Got so so so many of this shot again because I was so damn near. How can I not take more :D :D :D

#55 So so so near :D :D :D

#56 And I know you guys won’t be bored seeing him. Hahaha. Look! He’s looking so shy here. Haha.

#57 On saturday night, he made his pianist sing 黑色毛衣 (Black Wool Sweater).

#58 But I took no shots of the guy. Hahaha. I was eyeing on Jay, the whole time. Haha.

#59 And on Sunday night, he said he wanted to sing something different compared to the previous nights. He recalled singing 黑色毛衣 the night earlier and choose to sing 黑色幽默 (Black Humour) then. Because they both are somewhat related, in titles. Lol.

#60 It was awesome, of course!

#61 <3 <3
#62 Moving on to the last song, 阳光宅男 (Sunny Otaku). The atmosphere has already been heated up then. Everyone was out of control, level 9000. Everyone was screaming and jumping around the ground of the VVIP area. It should be a chaos but I felt nothing being in the front line. Hahaha. Didn’t bother about things behind my back ;p

#63 I guess we all knew it was going to be the last song already! Ahhh. Something different happened on Sunday night too, he conversed with us in Cantonese! And it was cute! He asked if we understood all Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien. Hehehe.

#64 And oh, did I mentioned that he tossed out his autographed photo during the movie songs’ section? He did it every night and I got none of them. I was so close to get the pen on the second night but the lucky lady sitting in front of me got it. On the third night, the photo just fell on the ground and a lucky boy took it. I found him standing beside me during the last song and he allowed me to take a picture of the photo he got! So lucky!!!!!! I should have runaway with it eh? Haha.

#65 Not too long later, the boy came up to me with the Nunchunks. I had my eyes wide opened feeling confused because I’m sure it was tossed to another direction but how on earth did the lucky guy got it! Hahahaha so apparently, his friend from the other block got it. Why so lucky one!!!!!!! He brought it over so that I could take a picture with it, and that’s Tammy. A super fan of Jay I met quite awhile ago in the fan club.

I need to unlock the achievement on getting stuff tossed by Jay on stage too! Haha.

#66 And here’s the last video of the last song he performed on the last night of the concert tour. Ahhhhh. The concert wasn’t notably long. It ended approximately at 10:40pm, every night. It was only a whole 2 hours’ concert but I enjoyed it well. Just hoping that it could last longer, making it more well-worth to the price we paid for! Hahaha.


I think most of you who attended the concert are having this post-concert syndrome now, just like me. I’ve been listening to the tracks he sang live here and seeing flashbacks of the concerts. And I know some of you regret going on certain days only but hey, don’t worry. There’s always a “next time” since Jay said he is gonna sing till he reaches 80 years old! LOL.

This marathon of concert is like another record I broke – three nights of VVIP!!! It was of course, very tiring and exhausted even to be the fan below the stage but it was fun!!!!! How about you guys? Did you enjoy the show, or my post about it? Hehehe.

Finally. finished. blogging. about. it. This blog took me two nights! Hahahaha.. I needed to organise the pictures well and recall all sequences and tracks and stuff of the concert.

Anyways, I found a video of his concert overview from the internet. Enjoy it!

p/s: I got the song list from no where but myself. I actually jotted down the songs he sang during the concert and please please do correct me if I made any mistakes on it :) Btw, all watermarked pictures are taken by myself with my Canon G11, with no colour adjustment or edit. Feel free to have the pictures, just remember to return me the credit. Hehehe.

pppp/s: I actually had a photo opportunity with Jay on the second night of the concert, before the performance starts at the backstage. Ahhhh. I shall blog about it as soon as I’ve gotten the pictures from the organiser. It was…………… unbelievable! Just wait for it people! :D :D :D

7 thoughts on “Jay Chou “Opus Jay World Tour Malaysia” Concert

  1. Great summary there! I went for 2 nights only but there were no regrets! Totally enjoyed it to the max! Try not to be too caught up with taking pics & jotting down songlist, the enjoyment will be even bigger!

    Btw, I was seated in the same block as you on 2nd night & I got the nunchuks!

  2. May : So lucky of you!!!!! I’m envious!!! And don’t worry, i enjoyed a lot. Those are just some little extra stuff I did to have them here :) :)

  3. So lucky of you. I wish I could go for all the three days, too. (You are in VVIP for all three days!)
    Yeah the two hours were definitely not enough. But we all enjoyed it to the max, didn’t we?
    Personally I went for the second night so I missed 黑色幽默 and 屋顶 :(

    It’s Jay’s month!
    Hope I can see him again soon!

    Nice blog!

  4. Thx for sharing! I only go for Sunday but that was awesome too ! So touching when he came out! You’re so lucky got the opportunity to take photo with jay! Envy hehe

  5. y888c : i wondered why too! :D yayaya, 2 hours is too short actually. sigh. anyways, thanks for dropping by the blog!

    sheueyee : i’ve been waiting for this chance since the day I became his fan 13 years ago. hehehe. i hope to get the picture asap, and share it here!

    yik feng : hahaha. i hope it lasts longer ;p ;p

  6. hi, i’ll be going to jay chou’s opus 2 concert this coming nov’14.

    may i know among the three nights of ur jay chou’s opus concert last year, which you think is the best seat at the VVIP areas? i plan to buy the VVIP area for his this coming concert.


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