Part 2 – Shopping Trip @ Bangkok, 2013

#01 …continuing my BKK story with the programmes on day three~~ Busy and colourful streets of Bangkok, from the top view.

#02 One of our favourite coffee stall that serves really good and cheap coffee! Frankly, they do taste better than Starbucks D: D:

#03 Pretty cousin Elaine and Aunt Janet. Elaine got this set of her two pieces at Platinum Mall. Nice right! :D

#04 The four of us.

#05 Jatujak Weekend Market was the priority of the day! And to reach the destination, we had to grab a cab from the hotel and the fee was a little higher than the other locations. There was traffic too. And the sun was killing. So the top tip for Jatujak is gonna be reaching there earlier than 11am, with roller bags and sunblocks!

#06 Things there never fail to drive shopaholics crazy. We of course, got really excited with the items and their prices there. And not to forget about the heat too.

#07 This was the very first stall I visited and bought hell lotsa notebooks home as souvenirs :)

#08 And my only picture taken in the market, before I get really drenched in sweat. Eww.

#09 Besides clothes, you get to find a lot of decoratives, pets and stuff in the market. Food too!!!! Plenty of yummy food too! Ice cream!

#10 Banana with coated chocolate!

#11 Chicken noodle!

#12 Thai iced tea ice cream!! WOOTS!!!

#13 Super yummy pork noodle.. Zomg.. I miss the food there already.

#14 Ice cream again!!!

#15 More coconut ice creams..! And lucky we gained no extra weight on ourselves for the food we have been eating for the full four days.

#16 Happy Meiji plus fruit drinks!!!!! And there were stalls selling fresh mangoes too!!!!! Too yummy till I forget to take pictures of the cute mangoes served in cup! Haha.

We didn’t take much pictures during our shopping trip at Jatujak because we ere mostly bus shopping, carrying bags and feeling agitated with the weather. Shopping at the market was very fruitful. I got most of my buyings there and I love them all. Regretted for not getting more of some. Sigh. I wanna be there again…. And we were there till 6pm local time. Headed back, washed up and left hotel again for the next destination. Asiatique. It was my first visit there.

#17 My favourite selca taken during the trip, before walking to Siam Paragon from the hotel for BTS.

#18 It was pretty convenient for us to reach the place but taking BTS without coins can be a problem because their ticketing machine do not accept note. So please keep or prepare some coins if you are planning to take BTS frequently during your trip in Bangkok.

Then, we stopped at Saphan Taksin and looked for its free ferry service to Asiatique. We were shocked by the long queue for the ferry when we were there but cheh, it was nothing because one trip of ferry can fit almost everyone you see in the line. Hahahaha. And pay nothing for the ferry service. Insist that it should be free or find your way to avoid it just in case you encounter people collecting 20baht from you.

Oh yeah, do not take taxi to Asiatique as the traffic might be a bitch.

#19 Asiatique is just 10 minutes away from the BTS station.

#20 The place was crowded. People there were shopping, taking pictures, enjoying dinner and queuing for the ferry home. The environment was relaxing and cooling too.

#21 We gave those legs some rest and tummy some treats at a Thai and Italian cuisine restaurant, with free wifi! Lol. And had my current Thai food obsesssssssion, Basil pork rice! YUMMMS! I remember it was Pad Thai which topped my list during the last trip. Now, this is it!

#22 After dinner, we walked and shopped around. The place sells things that are quite similar to Jatujak but there were less variety, a little more costly but is definitely more cooling and comfortable! The place is pet friendly too! :D We saw a lot of locals brought their pet dogs over and spotted two pugs accompanying their owner while eating Tomyam at the food court. Too cute!

Talking about pets, I had a weird and awkward conversation with a Thai lady at Jatujak earlier that day. I was trying to ask her if she knew where could I find yummy DUCK noodles. She pointed to a direction showing me the place. Then I continued, “What about DOG?” My intended question was to ask “Where’s the pets’ section” but she obviously misunderstood me and replied anxiously, “NO NO. In Thailand, we don’t!”

She thought I was asking for dog noodles. OMG. On a second thought, my question was really wrong la. Then my cousin and I had the same reaction together, “NO NO NO! We want to buy dogs’ stuff”. Lol. And we all burst out together due to the awkwardness. Hahahaha. Joke of the day.

We then left Asatique around 11pm before it was too late to catch another round of massage again. Haha. Yes, we ended the night with massages again, again and again :) Massages can never be enough!


On day four, I took the morning flight home. Or else, I will do the last shopping booze at Platinum Mall. I had balance of money left with me and it shouldn’t be the way!! I wanted to buy more but I did not have the time! Argh!!!

But I shall not forget to share this with you, the roadside grilled pork which taste super awesome!!!! It cost only 10baht per stick and they taste like 100000 bucks! OMG. We have it everyday, without fail! :D :D

#24 The last picture of me in Bangkok with one of my favourite cropped top from Jatujak (only 150baht!!) and my best buy luggage bag from MBK mall (only 1500baht!!!!!!)

#25 And as a conclusion from my shopping result…. I’ve spent less than 10,000baht during the whole four days excluding the air fare and hotel expenses. I’ve bought at least 30 pieces of clothing, 1 pair of boots, 1 set of super retro bikini, 1 super cute luggage, 4 bags, 1 pair of sunnies, 1 bag of make up stuff, a dozen of Thai oilment and a big bag of souvenirs :D Rest of the money were then spent on cab fare, food and massage! :D :D :D

I miss Bangkok already! We shall meet again soon okay!

8 thoughts on “Part 2 – Shopping Trip @ Bangkok, 2013

  1. I thought they have coin changing counters at BTS? Jatujak seems fun but I cant stand the heat lol

  2. I’ve just came back from there but I’m already missing my days there. Btw, I didn’t see that chocolate coated banana else I would buy one!

  3. kucing : why not miao?

    cindy : but the queue was super long. pfft. and jatujak actually has a lot more fun than the malls :D :D more street food! :D :D

    cheryl : i’m missing bangkok too. ahhhhh.

    she : i know right! :D love it so much!

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