Pastel Gifts <3

Heee!!! And let me blog about some many gifts I’ve received from the friends during my 22nd birthday celebration now!! :D You can also scroll all the way down to read the post on my birthday party first!

#01 Curler thong from Cindy <3 <3 Oh yeah, she must have remember how much I wanted this deep inside of me. Now I need the skill to curl my hair! She bling-ed the thong herself and she said the blings are on lifetime warranty! How sweeeeeeeeeeeet! Thank you Cindy babi!

#02 Cartoon polaroid films. My wish is answered!!!! :) I’ve got all these from Serendipity online store here! :) :) And I’ve used most of them during the Pastel Party already. I’m now keeping the Princess set for my babi girl’s comeback!

#03 And loads of plain polaroid from Vincent!!! Although he didn’t get to attend the dinner, but he had Siew Cheong to pass me these films. So thoughtful of him. Thank you Vincent! That is like my half a year’s supply already! :D :D :D If you take note, there are actually a few boxes of coloured polaroids, 1 given by Susan and another 2 bought from G-Market myself :3

#04 Not to forget that there is actually one box of plain film given by Emo boy along with a Domokun! Thank you Alvin. This is like the second present I’ve got from you since I met you when we were 7 :D :D

#05 Rewinding back to Serendipity, the very generous owner got me some very cute polaroid stickers….

#06 And a very cute polaroid album for me to keep the polaroids taken.

#07 See!! Hehehehe and here, I kept all the polaroids taken during the Pastel Party itself! So pretty. Cannot stop admiring the pictures in the album. Hahahahahahaha.

#08 A pair of Eiffel Tower earring given by another birthday girl, Peggy! <3 <3 Thank you!

#09 Loads of cute stuff and chocolate from Ginny, Natalie, Hsin Ye and Eric! :) They all came in a very cute bag! Hehehehe. Thank you… These snacks can keep me up for awhile. And also, spot the rose plushie, cupcake towel and earphone! They are given by Zac and Dewi. And and and some yummy chocolate Siew Cheong got me all the way from France, I think! Hahaha. Thank you!! <3 <3

#10 However, this almost made me choke on my own saliva. Stupid Siew Cheong bought me the wrong celebration card. So wrong. And he even bought the wrong one for Susan. I wonder what Peggy and Cindy received then. Hahahaha. STUPID PAUL, but it made me laugh! :D

#11 Another gift from Emo boy was a Roxy gift voucher! :) The other Body Shop vouchers were given by Ian. Thank you guys!! :D :D

#12 And here, I’ve got some face masks from Yong Tze. Thank you for the thought but these masks are not suitable for my sensitive face. So sorry that I’ve wasted your gifts… T_T

#13 When I opened up this gift I was like WEEEEEEEEEEE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Susan got me Siwon’s poster!!! She bought if from Korean, or I think she got it sent from there. WEE! I love Siwon! <3 Thank you Susan!

#14 Besides the little fun junks, the Fishballs clan got me this too! The biscuit camera!! :D :D I havent really use it yet but I’ll soon try a few snaps and share ’em here. And the coincident thing was that Peggy and I actually got this for Susan’s present. Hahaha. Now she has two because the same bunch got her the same thing too! Great minds think alike eh…. :) Thank you again!!!!

#15 A very warm and cute birthday card from Nuffnang!!! :D :D Although this didn’t came on time but it is lovely!!! I’ve got wishes from everyone of the Nuffnang team. That is so sweeeeeeeet. They even draw the logo the Nuffnang logo and my favourite rainbow on it! <3 <3 Thanks peeps!!!

#16 Last but not least, pearl and bling bling ring from Amanda! Thanks a bunch. It’s sweet :D She got me the ring but I thought it would be better to be transformed as a handing accessory for my Vanilla, the BlackBerry since I’ve got a new pearl case for it because my birthday equals to it’s birthday too! My Vanilla is 1 year old now :D :D Is my phone pretty?

Yay! With all these, how can I not be a happy girl! Thank you again!!! :D And for the record, I’m no where near the EMO state ever since the clock stroke 12am on Nov 2!! WEEE! There is just a little something that kept me up so cheerful till date. Guess what!! :D :D Hehehehehehe.

14 thoughts on “Pastel Gifts <3

  1. syira : thanks! :D

    albert : haha yah. that’s really a lot…

    ynn : i know right! i love the pearls :3

    green apple : thank you!!

    desmond : thanks to my friends and all :D :D

  2. Gosh… so many pressies !!!! *******ENVY**************

    The Biscuit Camera is super cute. Do you know where your friend bought it? I tried to surf but it’s not available in Malaysia website..

  3. omg omg why all your birthday present so chio wan!!
    the polaroid sticker damn cute T__T , polaroid album , polaroid films !!!
    AND your bb is absolutely pretty !!! it match perfectly with tht charm.
    where u get tht cover wan ? T__T super jealous ardy ! HAHAHAHA

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